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Friday, November 30, 2012

I've ROOWINNED Karate Kid

A few minutes ago I found myself staring at the tv watching He-Man, alone.  ...How long has Garret been out of the room? 

No more excuses.  I'm doing a journal entry.

I'll avoid all the details of the last month because I'm already yawning and wondering what's on tv besides He-Man.  (I typed Heman, HeMan and He Man and nothing looked right.  So I googled it in absolute desperation.) 


I'm not the same person I was a month ago.  -If you think that sounds dramatic you should have heard Brenda screaming "You ROOWINNED Christmas!" today when Suzie kissed an ornament...   

No really, I can hardly call myself a runner (it's temporary), I am no longer the Young Women President at church (kill me now ...or not 'cause good grief Lindsay, life goes on), I relearned how to crochet and bought a pair of reading glasses (do I stop dying my gray hair now or wait until this afghan is done?), and I let my finger nails grow long (they're real pretty and I'm tapping everything).  So I don't even recognize myself anymore.  Did I mention I cut myself some bangs?  I know, wild stuff.  

But things are keepin' on here nevertheless. 

Suzie is demanding more and more independence.  It's cool when she wants to get herself out of her car seat, into her dress, or make a sandwich.  It's not so cool when you intrude on her as she's applying mascara to her face, her hair, the cat...

Brenda has become a con artist.  Yesterday she approached me with my phone and said "Call my daddy".  I dialed Mike to see what would happen (Mike was just in the kitchen) and Brenda ran to her room as he answered.

Mike: Hello?  (We hovered over his phone on speaker curious what Brenda was up to)

Brenda: HO HO HO!  Merry Christmas!

M:  Is this Santa Clause?

B: HO HO HO!  ...Yes.

M:  What can I do for you Santa?:

B: HO HO HO!  You get a Christmas tree tomorrow!

M:  Tomorrow?

B: HO HO HO!  ...Yes.

M:  Hey Santa, what is Brenda going to get for Christmas?

B:  HO HO HO!   a snowball making machine and a dog!

M:  I don't know about the dog, Santa.  Maybe the elves can make something else?

B: HO HO HO!  ...OK.

M:  OK thanks Santa.

B: HO HO HO!  bye.

She came out of her room, set my phone on the table and casually went back to her activities without a word.  ...On another note, guess what we bought today!

Garret's been melting my heart lately.  I've made rolls (one of his favorites) almost every other day lately just to see him bounce around the kitchen. I even got a roll-breath nuzzle-kiss.  Yup.  Oh, and he's been sleeping better lately which makes for exciting mornings as he sprints and giggles to the bus ...with me chasing after holding his shoe and backpack.

Mike's been keeping us warm with fires in the pellet stove, and keeping us fed with warm, yummy dinners.  I'm going to go kiss the cook as soon as this is posted...

So who knows when my next journal entry will be.  I've become rebellious with this blog and I'm hand making multiple Christmas presents.  (Hey Monica- death by doily.  teehee)  And really, I need to spend some more time working on my Karate Kid impression-

We'll call this the before picture and I'll practice bunches...

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