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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

cocoa applesauce cake

Well Brenda just has privileges that I don't dare try to claim for myself.  If I ever try to teach baking tips just put me outside for some fresh air.  That is, unless I'm giving tips on how to ruin a simple chocolate cookie recipe.  ...It's easy really.  Eye-ball the baking soda, let Suzi put in the vanilla (quasi-measuring) and bake 5 minutes longer than recommended.  You're welcome.

Brenda has taken on my avoidance of measuring, following directions, etc. and Mike's joy for food creation.  Awesome combo.  And tonight, while I was sucked into DIY articles on pinterest, Brenda came in asking for assistance with the oven, as her dough was fresh and ready.  Uh oh.  I decided to go the fun-mom route and play along.  We got the preheating going and I took notes for future posterity from the 10-yr-old baker.

So without further adieu, I'd like to show-off Brenda's-

Cocoa Applesauce Cake

canola oil
hot cocoa powder

(amounts unknown ...good luck)

Feel free to move about your space.  Let the flour come with you as you bustle about so it may leave behind a story of self-expression.

Every egg, every spoon, every packet, every measuring tool... use 'em!  'Cause good grief, it's CAKE time!!!

 Raise your hands in the air and MISH MASH MUSH that junk like you just don't care. 

 bake @ 350 for I don't know, like, an hour?

Guys?  I'm nervous to try it but my kitchen smells delightful.

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