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Saturday, July 30, 2011

This is cute but-

who's Robby???

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

For Sarah (not Sara)

Sarah is about to have a baby.  ...Wait a minute.  So is Sara!  haha

But Sarah asked that I do more of these and I never want to disappoint a suffering friend...  (Yes, those last few weeks are suffering!)  Hope you like it too, Sara.  ;)

Look how David is adoring me...

Now, I know I'm not the only one who daydreamed this scenario over and over again.  

exhibit A: this blog

And I'd like to share the pics that contributed to this dream-come-true-

Now, the original actress is lovely.  But I bring the scene to life, don't I?

Hey!  Two posts in one evening!!  Go Lindsay!!!  

I mean, go back to real life, Lindsay...

You'll see why

 ...I'm too pooped to write much.

Good day!

Good night.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Langoliers struck Rexburg!

Years ago I saw that movie "The Langoliers".  Have you seen it?  Or (if you're more sophisticated than me) read it?  If not, you're really not missing much, but I thought of those little monsters while looking back over my weekend.

I was nearly cross-eyed with goofy excitement with the chance for a quick trip to Rexburg, Idaho to see my brother's graduation.  26 hours in the car for just an afternoon on my old College campus.  OK!!  But what I wasn't prepared for was how sad it would be.

I knew the campus was different.  Many new buildings, reconstructions, renovations...  But I wasn't prepared to face the fact that it's no longer my Rexburg.  Does that sound silly? 

The "Langoliers" are icky creatures that eat up the past.  And they ate up mine!  I toured my old apartment and just yearned to see the place as it was 12 years ago- 

The exterior was the same.  The couches were the same. (ick)  And a few other things remained, but it wasn't my apartment anymore.  I was just some older lady invading some surprised college gals' home.  I was just a visitor.  I wanted to shout, "Hey!  Get out of my apartment!  Who put this new tile in the kitchen!?!  Where's Darcy?!!!"

Now before you start crying on my behalf check this out-

My darkroom was untouched!  (Probably because darkroom work is becoming a lost art...)  But it was exactly as I left it!  I'd like to think it missed me.

(happy sigh)

My photography professor had retired.  Years ago.  Such a lovable grump- I bet when he left there was a skip in his step.  (You know, running from the Langoliers...)

I was nervous to eat at my past favorite restaurant.  My roommates and I would call ahead, order number 6's ($3.75) and when we walked in 20 minutes later it was ready for us.  I still remembered it as the best chinese food I'd ever had.

I was worried that I would ruin the memory.  I was just a poor college student back then-  What if I get a reality check and it's really just gross, cheap food?  What if I can no longer rave about it to my friends as we order take-out?! 

nervous me, and Mom

Look at this awesome family of mine.  Supporting me in my historical ventures...

Dad and the graduate

The food was good.  Real good.  Not as cheap or "I-live-on-oatmeal-most-days" heavenly.  But it is still rave-worthy.  (My friends will be pleased as they never tire of hearing about the fried rice from Fongs...)

(happy sigh)

The new conference center was HUGE.  Very cool.  And as boring as the ceremony was I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw my brother walking tall from across the room.  

Can you see him?  He's somewhere down on the right...

Before heading back to the hotel my mom and I went for a jog around campus.  (Did I mention that my mom went to school here also?)  And while the country roads I loved to run on, on the south end of campus were no longer there, (new buildings, apartments, and the new lovely temple) I had to admit that the place was pretty spectacular.

I just wish I had carved my name somewhere where it wouldn't be touched so I could always be part of a place I love. 

...That's right.  My only regret is that I didn't vandalize.

The pics are from my phone.  Don't tell my teacher.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A night at the Oscars!

For the young gals in our ward (church) we put on an "Oscar Night" to give out awards for the roles the girls played in their homemade films.  We "dressed up", had paparazzi, dramatic music, golden statue trophies, a red carpet, musical guests, etc, etc...   The night was SPECTACULAR!!!

Here's us leaders-

We might be having too much fun...

P.S.  I just loved my flashy blue dress but after seeing the pictures?  Hmmmm.  I may need a little help next time...

P.P.S.  Next time?  Absolutely.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Me?  Not at all.  In fact after the 5th book I was done.  A friend filled me in on the rest of the story and I skipped movies 5 & 6.  The 7s were pretty good. 

But I did attend this meeting with my buddy "Sevs".  (The BEST character.)  And I had all these ideas on how to bring everything to a close... 

"How about a dance off?  Or an episode of Wheel of Fortune?!  (I could totally bring the house down there.)  ...A big fundraiser!!!"

"No.  Potter must DIE."

"Really?  Why not Ron?  He's much more annoying..."

"Potter's suffering will bring me much joy."

"Man, you people are gloomy.  And what gives?  Snape said there'd be donuts..."

So anyway, sorry to all the faithful fans out there.  It's over.  My only real sadness is that Snape never found love again.  (Unless you see Sense & Sensibility.  Alan Rickman (the actor) gets the prettiest girl!  GO ALAN!!!)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

oceans and athletes

 Sadly, one of the great advantages of living in northwest Oregon is mostly lost on my little family.  (Meaning- we rarely go to the beach.)    (...Why didn't I just say we rarely go to the beach?)
But after the kids had seen the beach while coming to cheer me at the marathon finish line (Did I tell you about that?  You know, that I'm a marathoner?  Yup.) Brenda had been asking 2 or 3 times a day to 'go to beach, please'.
Weeks later I decided to put on a brave face and take on the task.  (Well, I'm wasn't that brave.  I brought along a babysitter/assistant.)  

It went like this:

Brenda was bolting from the rocks to the water, from the kites to the dogs, back to the water and up and down and all around...
Garret had to be gently coaxed onto the sand.  He eventually just planted himself near the rocks and refused to move.  (I don't know why the beach scares him.  He loves water and sand.  Just, perhaps, not so much of it...?)
Suzie wanted to bolt from the rocks to the water, from the kites to the dogs, back to the water and up and down and all around, but expected to be carried exclusively(She would scream the moment her toes touched the sand.)
I acted disappointed when after 45 minutes it started to rain, but was actually relieved to contain the kids in the car.  The remainder of the time was spent running through a kite store with delighted Oh's and Ah's. 

We had a lovely time.  

(Happy to go, happy to go home!)

grainy-but-cute pictures from my phone

Those glasses were a BUCK.  I adore 2nd hand!

You wanna know what I did today?

I went and cheered on athletes competing in the Special Olympics!  It was exciting to see events scattered all over the town.  My favorite was watching the 100 meter race.  There were some runners with guides that ran with them.  Some fell, some walked, some looked prepared, some looked not-so, some were focused and intense as they crossed the finish line, and some had the biggest grins as they triumphantly came over the finish line in last place.  They would then all congratulate each other as their families swarmed with hugs and cheers.

It was such a great atmosphere!

picture from here
 So next time I want to do more.  Volunteer, see the torch coming in, get-to-know and cheer on the local athletes.  And a few years down the road maybe even take my tenacious Brenda to compete.  (Have I mentioned how that girl can run?  She seriously can.)

Well now I'm too tired to talk about watching the last Harry Potter.  Meh, I probably don't know the story well enough to have an opinion anyway...


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

If you haven't seen Tangled... won't get this.

Brenda had a little scratch on her foot and was sitting on the couch with her foot raised up, pressed to her hair, singing, "Flower, gleam and glow.  Let your power shine..."

And for those of you who don't get that, here's another cutie-Brenda-story-

I was on the trampoline with the kids and Brenda asks, "Brenda be a big, fat bunny please."  

..."Umm, OK Brenda, be a big, fat bunny."

She then jumps around and throws herself on top of me with a big SQUISH sound effect.

I say, "Hey!  You're squishing me!" 

She says, "Sorry, I'm a big fat bunny..."

Monday, July 11, 2011

skimming the surface of Garret

I'd like to take this opportunity (the Suz is napping) to talk about Garret.  (My playdate companion this morning was curious...)

Do you want to hear all about his birth?  

Ew.  No.

But I'll tell you that up until shortly before his birth we were going to name him Brady.  After hearing of a bunch of little "Bradens" being born I was done with that.  Garret.  Not too common.  Not weird.  (Suzie calls him 'Get'.)

As a newborn his days and nights were switched so that's how I discovered the charm of "The Nanny" with our middle-of-the-night parties.

As a toddler he liked basketball, trains, oreos, and walks.

His first (of very few) words were "a-sat?"  (what's that?)  

He liked to sit next to the piano as I played.  He would hum along and rock to the music.

When he was 3 and 4 he wasn't really into TV, but would jump with excitement with the upward-rolling end credits.  He would pounce and giggle, flailing his arms, at the end of any movie. 

We tried the Gluten/Casein free diet for 11 months.  It only made him lethargic and depressed.  We wanted to try for a complete year, but by the 11th month he seemed so sad and expressionless.  We had had enough.

At age 5 he would sign "more" for food, mostly sweets.  

We signed up for a free, research-massage treatment for children with autism.  I was taught the massage and he had the professional one once a week.  Didn't seem to do much, but he liked that "cuddle" time we had every evening.

He loved water and mud.  I would set a large mixing bowl on the back patio, full of water.  He'd be soaked within minutes, giggling so much he would gasp for breath.

Age 6.  His favorite toys are sticks and ropes.  Anything he can swing or swish.  He seemed to calculate his days around being outside.

School was hard then.  I know his teachers tried but the classroom had little supplies and many students with various, serious needs.  I finally had to insist on a transfer and that was a good move.

He loved/loves his bus rides.  Well, all car rides really.

At age 7 he loved "Wallace and Grommit".   A secretary at his school had a Wallace figurine on her desk and on his walks he would walk by it giggling with fascination.

Christmas mornings his sisters would be getting dolls, legos, music toys, etc...  Garret would get streamers, sticks, lengths of rubber hoses with yarn tied to the ends, and candy.  ...And be in heaven.

Age 8.  Lives for the backyard.  Can't seem to ever leave his clothes on...
Now he's 9.  (Is this post getting long?)  He's on the trampoline right now.  Hopefully clothed!  Soon he'll come in and lead me to the kitchen.  I'll make him some french toast or waffles.  (No syrup, he likes it plain.)  And tomorrow morning I'll wake him for summer school.  He'll be happy to get on the little bus.  

And maybe soon we'll figure out what makes him 'tic', but in the meantime he is one handsomely-happy, loved boy.     

his current favorite toy- blade of grass wrapped in sock

Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's gotta be about kids or running, right?

I was snooping through "little" brother Kendall's facebook photos, (in search of a photo of him to put with a blog post including a song arranged by him and brother-in-law, Phil, that is so stupidly AWESOME.  But I couldn't get the music uploaded because the computer hates me.  But seriously, Kendall and Phil are destined to perform together 'cause HOLY FRANCINE, it's good.  Maybe I'll figure out this computer and you will all be blessed.)  (Was that a long side note?)  (Sometimes I ramble.)  (Does that make me cute, or annoying?)  (I say parentheses make rambling acceptable.)  (Shall we take a poll?)  (breathe) and found this gem of a picture-

me, Dad, Kendall
Running in the rain makes you a hard-core athlete.  ...That, or you live in Oregon.

Now, before you make fun of my shortness, just know that my big nose makes for better punchlines...  

My last run was slow.  At a particularly low point what got me going again was Hall & Oates "You Make My Dream Come True".  But my goal is to do a 10k in under 50 minutes by the end of Summer.  (the season, not the school-break)  So now that I've made that public, I'll work harder to make you all proud!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The kids, as of today-

Garret has learned to pump his legs while swinging.   If he had words I bet he would say, 



This morning I was brushing my teeth.  Brenda walks in and I invite her to brush hers.  She sits, accepts her brush and begins.  10 seconds later she sets her brush on the counter, raises her hands in the air and exclaims,

"And the little girl wins!!!"

I didn't know it was a competition.  Next time I'll be ready...


Today I was relaxing on the couch.  Suzie sat up next to me, cradled my head while patting my hair and said, "Sleep, Mommy, sleep." 

....Then she sat on my face with an icky diaper.
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