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Monday, July 25, 2011

Langoliers struck Rexburg!

Years ago I saw that movie "The Langoliers".  Have you seen it?  Or (if you're more sophisticated than me) read it?  If not, you're really not missing much, but I thought of those little monsters while looking back over my weekend.

I was nearly cross-eyed with goofy excitement with the chance for a quick trip to Rexburg, Idaho to see my brother's graduation.  26 hours in the car for just an afternoon on my old College campus.  OK!!  But what I wasn't prepared for was how sad it would be.

I knew the campus was different.  Many new buildings, reconstructions, renovations...  But I wasn't prepared to face the fact that it's no longer my Rexburg.  Does that sound silly? 

The "Langoliers" are icky creatures that eat up the past.  And they ate up mine!  I toured my old apartment and just yearned to see the place as it was 12 years ago- 

The exterior was the same.  The couches were the same. (ick)  And a few other things remained, but it wasn't my apartment anymore.  I was just some older lady invading some surprised college gals' home.  I was just a visitor.  I wanted to shout, "Hey!  Get out of my apartment!  Who put this new tile in the kitchen!?!  Where's Darcy?!!!"

Now before you start crying on my behalf check this out-

My darkroom was untouched!  (Probably because darkroom work is becoming a lost art...)  But it was exactly as I left it!  I'd like to think it missed me.

(happy sigh)

My photography professor had retired.  Years ago.  Such a lovable grump- I bet when he left there was a skip in his step.  (You know, running from the Langoliers...)

I was nervous to eat at my past favorite restaurant.  My roommates and I would call ahead, order number 6's ($3.75) and when we walked in 20 minutes later it was ready for us.  I still remembered it as the best chinese food I'd ever had.

I was worried that I would ruin the memory.  I was just a poor college student back then-  What if I get a reality check and it's really just gross, cheap food?  What if I can no longer rave about it to my friends as we order take-out?! 

nervous me, and Mom

Look at this awesome family of mine.  Supporting me in my historical ventures...

Dad and the graduate

The food was good.  Real good.  Not as cheap or "I-live-on-oatmeal-most-days" heavenly.  But it is still rave-worthy.  (My friends will be pleased as they never tire of hearing about the fried rice from Fongs...)

(happy sigh)

The new conference center was HUGE.  Very cool.  And as boring as the ceremony was I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw my brother walking tall from across the room.  

Can you see him?  He's somewhere down on the right...

Before heading back to the hotel my mom and I went for a jog around campus.  (Did I mention that my mom went to school here also?)  And while the country roads I loved to run on, on the south end of campus were no longer there, (new buildings, apartments, and the new lovely temple) I had to admit that the place was pretty spectacular.

I just wish I had carved my name somewhere where it wouldn't be touched so I could always be part of a place I love. 

...That's right.  My only regret is that I didn't vandalize.

The pics are from my phone.  Don't tell my teacher.


Brenda said...

I agree it's sad that the campus has changed so much. It's no longer our Ricks College. But we have our memories.

Sue O said...

I wish I had a Mum who would always comment on my posts, no matter what!

Sue O said...

Come to think of it, my Mum loves me so much that she would leave at least five comments on every post if she could remember past five minutes ago. And had ever in her life gotten on the internet unassisted.

Laura said...

Thats fun that you got to go visit! So sad how everything changes. I would love to go back and knock on the door to my old apartment!

Daughter of Eve said...

I know the feeling. :) Glad you had a lovely time! PS., your video presentation for the Pioneer Trek was spectacular!!!! I bawled through the whole thing. Which means, I loved it!

nuttbutts said... know my feelings about rexburg! so i will just say i am glad you loved visiting:)

DeAnn said...

I didn't realize your mom had gone there too. It's always fun, yet hard to walk down memory lane. I always feel that way on BYU campus. I get mad at the changes!

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