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Saturday, January 21, 2017

I love the smell of okoume in the morning

In the car, brother-Kendall and I discussed politics.

We're both staunchly against socialism.  We both say "tsk tsk" and shake our heads to the republican choice of our new president.  I listen to Chris Wallace.  He listens to Glenn Beck.  We talk and talk and congratulate each other on being correct.  Good times had by all.

The first guitar shop was alright.  The Taylor should've been marked down due to the weird wood flaws on the front.  (I didn't say it at the time but they looked like tiny nipples, right where you'd expect nipples on a guitar)  I could've gotten over the bare-chest if it was a steal-deal...

Second shop was Kendall-heaven.  A cozy room with walls covered in vintage/expensive guitars for his playing pleasure.  Nothing for me there, but they had a restroom sign that made me laugh.  Just this picture of a lady who looked really excited. 

Why was it funny?

Back in the car we discussed kids and church and tv.  I'm thinking of going back and rewatching Malcolm in the Middle and Kendall is reliving Seinfeld. 

Third shop- blah.  BUT.  They did have this on a shelf.

White Elephant gift?  That's what she said.

(Me.  I said it.)

Here's what's fun.  You get Kendall talking about music theory and then sit back with something to sip on.  I didn't put ice in my Dr Pepper for two reasons.  One, more drink.  Two, I read once that ice in those machines is FILTHY with germs.  (Something about how it's loaded and not cleaned?) ...Probably not universally true but there I was with a room-temp drink, discussing music with a fellow musician.  We were so deliciously sophisticated. 

BTW- Music is magical and AMAZINGLY structured.
There's a rhyme and reason to it that boggles the mind.

Fourth shop is where things picked up.  I met a Breedlove and could see us growing old together.  We shared a moment and I found myself going back to her every few minutes for just another taste.  Am I ready for commitment?  Is this the real deal?

FIFTH shop.

More guitars.  I try a Guild, another Taylor, another whatchamacallit....

But like all love stories there was a moment of reckoning.  A moment where our heroine has that "I'm just a girl, standing in front of a guitar, asking it to love her" conversation.  "Is that you, Breedlove?  You come here also?  I, I, uh, I can't seem to quit you.  You ...complete me."

I can't remember what all Kendall and I talked about on the way home but I do remember the little, stolen glances to the back seat.  We sang and harmonized the chorus to "Closer to You" by Brandi Carlile and my back-seat sweetheart got a little preview of my awkward singing.

She loved it.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Suzie 8.0

I just found pizza crust stuck to the underside of my keyboard.  No wonder it was wobbly.   

...Thanks Garret.

So.  When upgrading from your 7.0-Suzie to the 8.0-Suzinator keep in mind that the 7.0 model is still intact.  Basically, she's just bumping her Suziness up 12.5 percent.  This will be apparent mostly in sound levels, energy, temper, sweetness and Nutella-intake. 

The upgrade process itself will require a few additional downloads including: 3-little-munchkins, ice-skates, chicken-nuggets and cookies.

Download cookies HERE

The following day, when checking out your new 8.0 Suzie, you may be surprised to find that the upgrade is still loading.  You may want to just set aside your entire weekend.

Now here's the big deal about Suzie 8.0-

She is eligible to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Don't forget this part.  Don't forget how she smiled and was reverent, even when nervous about being in the water.  Don't forget about her hugs and soft/shy comments.  Don't forget how your brother shared his testimony of the Holy Ghost, and how the room was filled with friends and family.  Don't forget how your prayers were answered with calm kids and safe travels in a snowstorm.  Don't forget the joy, peace and love.

Enjoy it.  Remember it.  Love it!

Love you Suzie 8.0.

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