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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Look at this stuff. Isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?

Know the movie reference?

I do!

When I was 12 I had a hair brush as my microphone and I could lip sync that song down to every breath.

But anyway, I'm forcing this post into fruition because blogging has been the last thing I want to do all week.  I even wondered if I wanted to blog anymore at all, then just decided I'm still pooped from the Christmas madness and time will heal all wounds happy exhaustions.

So let's talk about Christmas.

Hi Kendall.

Our holidays are flooded with family.  It's fantastic, frantic fun. 

Fantastic, frantic dangerous fun...

 A giant cardboard castle ought to be part of any Christmas party.   


Mike hummed and hawed and hammered out a superb puppet theater that was bigger and better than I imagined. 

 Suzie loves it.

Garret didn't sleep through everything...

A simple nativity reenactment with the kids' cousins was adorable.

Suzie cut off Grandpa's reading with a, "Great story Grandpa, good job!".

 We even had time for a quick portrait outing.  I don't get to see my brother and his family enough so this picture will have to hold us over til next time...

And wouldn't you know, there are more pictures and stories from Mike's side of the family.  But that/those'll have to wait til pictures are ready and I've had more sleep.  I will say this: Brenda is, right now, cuddling up with a black, Darf-Vador blanket.  She looks cozy.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A rather lazy Christmas report

OK who else is relieved it's over?

-not the kind of relief you get when leaving the dentist office, or DMV...

It's like DANG, that was fun ...and now I shall sleep for 36 hours while hopefully elves come in and clean up this mess.

I'll post more pics later.  I've got 36 hours of sleep awaiting me...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

chilly buns

1st annual Winter Solstice Midnight Run-

And since we're talking about cold winter runs, there's a lovely orchard near my home that provides miles of peaceful exercise...

My running friends and I enjoy the soft ground and quiet breezes.

Segways are not cheating.  They're awesome.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Lots o'stuff going on here.  Fun stuff!  Just finished up one big project, on to another...  But while you're here, how about a caption idea for Brenda's latest lego "gathering"?

Sorry 'bout the picture quality.  It was late and I was too lazy to even grab my good lens...

Here's a couple ideas:

"Alright!  Before we go does anybody have to go to the bathroom?"

"MOMMM!  He keeps touching me!!"   "No I'm not!!"

Or if you can't think of a quote, how about a simple explanation like:

The last person touching the boat, keeps it!  What a deal!!!

...Or perhaps all that's needed is the theme music to Titanic?

Monday, December 12, 2011


So what do you do with those odd pictures that don't turn out like you plan?

Some I scrap, but some I fall in love with.

Garret running through Suzie's display

Brenda!  I need a picture of you.  Can you put the phone down and come out, please??

Trying to catch a funny expression, but she was done.

Playing with new lenses is all good until somebody gets a boo-boo.

All done with cuddles Garret, look at Mommy!

After a few of these Brenda finally gave us a normal smile.  I think I scrapped the "normal" ones...

P.S. When Suzie comes and says, "No more pictures Mommy." that translates to Get off the computer Mother.  Later everybody!

Friday, December 9, 2011

11 Portland sights

Last Saturday was another photography adventure for my Dad and I.  Mom came along for some creative insight, historic tour-guiding, and shopping companionship.  (It would have been cool to tour your old apartment Mom.  In my head the interior is retro-chic with lots of character. stylish as those awesome jumpsuits you wore in college.  I LOVE looking at those pictures BTW.  Maybe I could copy and blog 'em?)

We wandered over bridges, under bridges, through crowds and in the hills...

Saturday's Market was in full swing and I found myself being brave and getting in the faces of interesting people. 

Such a fun outing.  I've been daydreaming of becoming a photojournalist down the road.... 

...That would be COOL.

P.S.  Love you Portland!  May you always keep your "flavor".

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Winter mileage

 I think I'll be running more with friends through the Winter.  With the bitter (for Oregon) cold and less light it's either safer, or just more enjoyable.  Good thing I've got friends to call on!

Sara and I in the daylight.

Sara and I in the headlamp light...

Solana and I with frosty hair.

Solana and I with frost EVERYWHERE!

***Beware, oh running friends (and mom) of mine.
I plan on getting more pictures...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Friday, December 2, 2011

Toy Stories

I remember being troubled that my childhood friend Jennifer had barbie furniture and I did not.  It was lovely wicker and all match-y.  I just had a few dolls which I far too often left laying around the house with no clothes on.

My dad really hated that.

I would build homes and furniture using boxes, cups, legos, drawers, etc, etc.  The advantage of this was the joy of building a new home with every play session.  Shoes became sporty cars and occasionally a carebear doubled as a trusty steed.  (Which meant my barbies rode magical horses who could shoot rainbows out of their bellies.  Jealous?)   

My Ken doll was decapitated in an accident which I'm sure had something to do with being on a date with one of the ladies and having to fight some evil ninja turtle in her defense.  OO-la-la  -am I right ladies?  He was mended by shoving playdough in his hollow head and hollow torso, then using a little wood stick and smooshing the body back together.

It worked pretty good until the next date...

My mom would sew little outfits that I wish wish wish I still had.  What happened to those?  At the time I thought it was because you just can't have enough clothes, but really it was the cost and immodesty of the store-bought outfits.  I tried a few times to make lovely dresses using my socks.  Not the regular kind, but the socks with lacy ruffles and colorful rainbows.  The bloated spot where your heel goes makes for a good bustle!  Unless you've already worn a hole in the heel.  ...Then she better be wearing underwear...

I guess I'm rambling because I love those memories.  As Tim Gunn would say I "made it work".

I wasn't at all deprived.  I had plenty of toys.  Enough to inspire years of pleasure, yet not too many to stifle ingenuity.


Today Suzie couldn't find the farmer's horse.

She gracefully brought in a temp that was warmly welcomed by his farm-mates.

As soon as Suzie wears out her colorful socks that horse is getting a dress...

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