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Sunday, November 16, 2014


 The ever-evasive Garret managed to skip all of Halloween's fussiness and go right to the candy.  (Mostly with the sleeping skill of a teenager.)  So it was up to the little ladies to keep traditions alive.

Yes, I know it's mid-November.  You're the one still reading... 

Traditions are a right of passage.  As in, we can't move on to ________ without doing ________.  

We wouldn't dream of discussing Thanksgiving/Christmas without completing all the October necessaries.  And why would we?   They are delightful! ...and necessary.

(As is posting these belated adorable pics.  ...See what I mean?)


(go to blog calendar.  check off October.)

Now the house is moldy-pumpkin and all that goes with that FREE! 


But ...but's the HOLIDAY season!  We mustn't be without decor!

It's garbage-bag flowers!  ...On my wall!


Pinterest is the bomb.

Bring on November! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

The magic of Halloween

I certainly can have my humbug moments but having little kids keeps me young and ...gorgeous.  So why is Halloween magical?  Because my kids think it is.  Doesn't believing something is magical give that something magical powers?  Just like Brenda believes the Tooth Fairy forgot her tooth THREE DAYS IN A ROW because of a candy-related record tooth-loss weekend, she also believes that costumes are a serious matter, essential for a most glorious celebration of candy and ridiculousness.  How could a street choking with zombies and characters from Frozen not be magical?  I even saw people COMBINE the two.

What a holiday, am I right?

Here's the trick-  Approach Halloween like a child.  NO cruel pranks.  NO horrific decorations/movies.  NO prostitution-advocating costumes.  NO Satanic references of any kind.

There.  Let the magic go forth!

P.S.  I have to admit that I was CRAZY proud that my girls weren't interested in the Frozen theme.  Nothing wrong with the movie or costumes, but there was only 1 other ladybug and NO other race car drivers on that super-crowded downtown street.  Uniqueness shows thought and bravery, in my opinion.  It's like that penguin poster my little brother had on his wall, oh so many years ago...

Sorry, I guess "being me" could include a Frozen costume, now and then.  


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