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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Pooh test

So apparently, when searching online for the Winnie the Pooh personality test, it is very hard, nay, impossible to find something that's printable.  Even then, most of them are more about emotional issues and the various medications needed...

Come on!  This is sweet, innocent, childhood nostalgia!  Let's have some fun with it!

I recently volunteered to prepare a personality test for our church dinner activity.  The plan was to have a simple test at the tables, for fun conversation, then use the results to form groups for Family Feud.  The Winnie the Pooh would be perfect!  But after spending endless time searching online, I donned my doctor hat and wrote one myself.

It turned out cute and, knowing there must be others out there, searching, yearning...  I figured I should share this-

disclaimer- Even with my hours of online study, I am not a doctor.  I know nothing.

I am mostly Tigger, with a bit of Pooh, according to this most professional test...

So go ahead and print this!  Have fun!

You're welcome all you similar searchers.

And I have no rights to Pooh stuff.  ...Is this legal?

P.S. I left out other characters because I'm lazy and because these 5 were the common 5 in all the online tests.

Monday, November 2, 2015

By it's fruits ye shall know October.

A couple hours ago I swore off dairy.  I've done this before, but this time I didn't reward myself, 6 minutes later, with eggnog.  I think I'm winning.

Brenda's barbies were included in the Halloween festivities.

Mike is suddenly way into 70's music.  Don't get me wrong.  It's great.  ...but not like him.  I mean, what's next Mike?  Are we dabbling into the early stages of a mid-life crisis? 

Suzie draws cats on things like dogs territorially pee on trees.

I've been watching 'Dear Genevieve' on Netflix and sometimes I'm a righteous snob thinking "People put too much "need" into expensively decorated homes" and the rest of the time I'm just an everyday snob thinking "I need an expensively decorated home". 

another Halloween/birthday party success!

There's a stray cat and her 3 kittens living in the bushes across the street.  Brenda didn't hesitate to name her Darla and claim her as Shawn's girlfriend.  I am starting to see my future as a crazy cat lady and I'm not hating it...

Halloween parties for adults are a grand idea.  Hillary and Donald approve this message.

Mike just came in, read over my shoulder and said that my first couple sentences don't make sense.  I'm going to stay true to my inner self, follow my bliss, abandon the reigns of my beautiful soul, and other profound mumbo jumbo, and just let that crap land where it may. 

I will do something for Mike, tho.  He wanted me to mention our new endeavor.  We are now podcasters seeking FAME!  So, if you are curious-about or interested-in boardgaming we'd love for you to ignore our horrific grammar, broken up with nervous laughter, and give us a listen.

Here's the link

And now, one last picture.

the opposite of a "duck face" should have a name....

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