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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Will blog for cookies

If I play my cards right, I might just get through December without blogging.  (This one doesn't count 'cause I put 'This one doesn't count' in parenthensis.  ...parenthesis.  no n!)  Not that I have a problem with blogging mind you, I just feel much more evolved considering a year ago I would be having a tizzy over such gaps in my journal.  Today I'm like, Hey blog, I don't need you to feel good about myself.  I have crocheting and Netflix now.  Have you met them?  Yeahhhh... they don't correct my spelling. 

Netflix is a proper noun!  This little squiggly red line is making us all look silly.

I have never experienced drunkenness.  (Nor do I plan to.)  I have, however, had a dangerous amount of cookies and milk in the last 20 minutes.  There are no other adults here currently to say 'All right buddy, you need to take it easy.  Is there someone you can call?'.   After spending over 30 minutes acting and reenacting the scene where the kids buy a ticket to the north pole for Frosty in Frosty the Snowman, I needed to blow off some steam.

Brenda had the kitchen set up like a train station and she fed me every line.  I got to play the ticket master a couple times.  "No money?!  NO TICKET!"

Dang, she's adorable.

Can I just say- last week sucked.  It SUCKED.  The shooting at the Clackamas mall, then Friday in Connecticut.  I even heard there was another shooting somewhere in a church...

Another cookie?  Don't mind if I do...

The other day, in defiance of my helpless frustration I spent my day, filled with everyday errands and chores, getting outside of myself.  I sparked up friendly banter in the checkout line.  I was a patient, generous driver.   I helped a stranger carry a heavy box.  I looked people in the eyes and smiled.  I complimented peoples babies, hair, Christmas-head pieces...  I made a conscious effort to not be so reserved and do something good, as small as it may be. 

Maybe I scared a few people...

But, I don't know, it seems all I can do.  Drown out the bad with good.  

Well now!  Did I just get profound???

That deserves another cookie.

Mario, ignoring Suzie with a camera.

Merry Christmas everybody.  Let's all hug and smooch the people we care about.  -specially Garret, 'cause he's got Nutella on his face...  

(Blogger is letting me know that it does not recognize 'Nutella' as a word.  I say, in the spirit of goodness, THANK YOU BLOGGER!  You're always watching out for me...)

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