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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I was about 19 when I admitted to my mom that Christmas just wasn't as thrilling as it used to be.  I hadn't meant to complain, just feeling a bit sad that the holiday magic had mellowed.  Mom smiled and said, Just wait til you have kids.  It'll come back

I've figured out that applies to Halloween too.

I did NOT take all her candy.  She has PLENTY.

Saturday, October 27, 2012




Yeah so?

It's Saturday night...

What are YOU doing?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

spooks are SO last week

It feels like we've been doing Halloween for months!  Our little paper creations are still scattered around the house and the fake (or are they??) spider webs keep getting wound up in Garret's clothes.  I've starting humming Christmas music and crafting pinterest-Christmas do-dads, so the fact that we're just getting to the real pumpkins feels "off".

This is all probably because we had a Halloween themed birthday party, complete with fabulous costumes, for Garret and Brenda a couple weeks ago.  I was deliciously rebellious and didn't take one picture.  Not one.  But the candy, decor and goulish games have apparently filled my Halloween cup and I'm ready for Christmas movies!  (The only time of year I can handle corny, sappy, roll-your-eyes syrup coming from the tv.)

So Suzie hummed Jingle Bells while giving her pumpkin a face...

I'll get through this.  Brenda won't let me cheat her out of her favorite holiday!   

Now for some eggnog...

Monday, October 22, 2012

reaching across the aisle

If you know me on facebook you are probably aware that I did, indeed, watch the presidential debates.  I hope you enjoyed my rants.  ...You're welcome.  If you don't know me on facebook then you're missing a bunch of this:

accompanied by wise and witty comments of a political nature.  

(All you facebook friends HUSH.)

And I work so hard SO HARD to be open minded.  I listen and reason and hum and haw.  I don't listen to petty, conservative talk show hosts who think name calling is a productive approach.  I watch my perspective- If a republican did that, would I think it so terrible?.  I've even graciously tuned into liberal radio shows, all the while keeping a straight face that looks like I'm thoughtfully considering their argument.  Big E for effort!  And while I'm sure I carry a bias that creeps into my thoughts and conversations, I believe I've developed a balance that keeps me ...reasonable.

And after all this, when people continue to wave that liberal flag, I can take a breath, keep my calm, open my mouth and respectfully ask-

Really people.  CRUSHING debt and we get "free" phones?


Sunday, October 14, 2012

dusting off the DIY

This project has been in the works for hmmm... MONTHS.  Awhile back I did some kid pics with certain intention.

these pics

It was about 3 months later that the posters were printed at Costco.  One month later was attempt #1 to make foam boards, and then another 2 months for me to say that's it, I'm getting frames


 My babies are posters!

20 x 30 posters are $8 at Costco.  The frames were on sale for $4 each.

$24 total.


Now since I've rejoined pinterest my creative mind is all awhirl with the many projects I'll be doing daily.  ...And by daily I probably mean annually.  ...And by annually I probably mean once a decade because remember this post?  Well, old habits die hard-


Thursday, October 11, 2012

For the love of Garret

Whenever I get a good shot of Garret I'm renewed in my confidence of portraiture.  'Cause getting a good picture of my boy is HARD.  I suppose when I do get one I could chalk it up to luck but I'd rather take the high road and say Dang, I'm awesome.

Now these shots are not his best pictures, but they are so him.  SO him.  Top: flailing hands and averted eyes.  Middle: fleeting, direct glances are full of life and intensity.  Bottom: If he don't care you got a camera, he don't care...

We had friends stop by this evening WHO TOTALLY GOT SUCKED INTO THE VP DEBATE AND WE SAT IN JITTERY SEMI-SILENCE WHILE BIDEN WAS A JERK AND RYAN DIDN'T FIGHT HARD ENOUGH AND WE'D MUTTER COMEBACKS AND JUMP AT THE MODERATOR WHO WAS RIDICULOUS BUT IN THE END SMART, CONSERVATISM WON WITH SUBSTANCE 'CAUSE RIGHT IS RIGHT.  ISN'T THAT RIGHT.  And during their visit Garret kept things interesting with his giggles and prances.  (Boys can prance.  If John Travolta can get away with it...)  I dressed that kid at least 4 times and each time he'd come back, nothing but his diaper on, laughing at his victory.  Our friends just waved off my apologies with a laugh and a shrug.  They even seemed charmed. 

Oh heavens I love down-to-earth people.

...But you know, my boy is easy to love.  Not easy to photograph, but easy to love. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

woman power

Lately the simple chitchat includes the question 'How's life with the kids back to school?'.  I shrug and mumble, s'good.  But I'm really thinking- 'My number one companion is a 3-yr-old who might win our manipulation war. me.'. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

covert operations

When I told Brenda that SUPER SPIES do their homework I got results.

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