My name is Lindsay and this is just so I don't feel guilty for not keeping a written journal...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dear hunky, awesome, birthday-boy husband,

You are my home-sweet-home.

Thank you for making my home a fun, kind and safe place.

Thank you for making my home a home devoted to God.  

Thank you for making me waffles and laughing at my weird texts. 

Thank you for continuing to fix Garret's swing. 

Thank you for reading with Suzi. 

Thank you for understanding Brenda's games and Star Wars obsession

Thank you for being my home.

I reeeeeally want to add something snarky at the end. know how I have to add snark after being mushy...


I don't know. 

Let's just go make out.

Love, your awesome wife.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

candy, camping, Sesame Street and families ...and karate.

So Garret has discovered the candy stash and, one at a time, is bringing me peppermints.  But from the kitchen to me, he will not give up the hope that he can lick, bite, gnash his way thru those pesky, clear wrappers.  He knows that the 5-second trip is his chance for independence, yet I'm there at the end to pick up where he left off.  With each piece I'm peeling apart a broken, saliva-ridden symbol of optimism.  An icky-sticky little show of determination....

I "cleaned" my hands off (aka slap-swiped my shorts a couple times) and decided to do a blog post.  (I was working on my lesson for church tomorrow.  ...sharing that would be a much better post...)

Today Brenda, Garret and I chilled at home making rolls, watching Flushed Away and flooding the bathroom.  We were supposed to be with Mike, Suzi and Mike's family at the lake but last night I decided I needed to come home early since Brenda was on the edge of sobbing (from poor sleep) and Garret was threatening to be up all night.  It was sad to not stay but Mike needs a break ...and home has tv, beds and Garret-containing locks... 

BUT.  In the time I was there I swam in the lake, ate chips and corn, swam with Garret, cuddled my 4-week-old nephew to sleep, played psychiatrist in the middle of the lake, showed Suzi how to pee in the bushes, took ZERO pictures and visited with family.  As I drove the 3 hours home with Brenda sleeping in the back, Garret bouncing beside me and my favorite podcast playing on my phone I decided not to feel sorry for myself but enjoy the bag of marshmallows I stole from the campsite...

Besides, if I hadn't have come home, I would have missed the gal selling childrens books door-to-door!  Oh my! 

Doesn't she know that one of the perks of living outside of town is NO D2D salespeople????

She was sweet and I wished her well, then promptly lost her business card...

...If you're waiting for this last picture to move, keep staring and let's test your optimism....

OK what else, what else...

OH!!!  I signed up for another marathon!  I did I DID!!!  I've got just under 3 months, which is hysterical considering my lack of running in 2015, but I BELIEVE IN MAGIC!!!

I'm totally doing an entire post based on my latest, funny internet finds.  

Really, it could be worse.  I could be caught up in all the current political uproar....

In hopes of making this post actually worth something I'm going to give a sneak peek to any gals in my class tomorrow.

Our lesson is about families and that sweet little gem is a bit of frosting on top.  After all the doctrine and scripture is laid out, we'll frost that baby with some "wheat is wheat".  As in, you are you, eternal is eternal and truth is truth. 

What is ordained of God is ordained of God.

(I'll try to be more eloquent tomorrow.)

Okay, okay.  I'll call it a day.  But I just gotta say, that amongst this disarray, is a GIF made castaway.  Once turned away, for it's topic did stray. ...I deleted in dismay.

But come what may, I just want it to play!  So here you go USA....


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Crafty Cat Stevens

The "Crafty" is because I'm sharing a couple crafts that I've pulled off with minimal drama-

1-  recovering a nasty-old, $5 ottoman with a $3 Goodwill curtain panel-

(This is the "after" picture.  ...If you thought it was the "before" picture -get out of my house.)

2-  A coffee-filter-flower wreath!  In person, it's like my wedding reception puked up a monstrous donut, but in pictures it looks deceptively lovely.  ...perfect for my blog world!

Here's the Pinterest link- LINK


The "Cat" is to introduce our new cat, Shawn-

Long story, but I'll say this- he's the sweetest, nicest, most-patient, calm, meek and soft cat that's ever been a cat.  Yeah, we luvy-duvy him.

...He's been "Suzied".


And the "Stevens" part is because it comes naturally after "Cat".  ...right?

Am I getting old?

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