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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


This is the time of year that my kids teachers are thinking/talking/planning for next year.  As in transitions.  I guess maybe all teachers all doing the same thing.  So far, I've only been working with my kids teachers.  Perhaps this is going on all over the school?

Meetings meetings meetings!  Placement, therapy hours, summer school, papers, papers, papers...  I had to smile during Garret's IEP meeting on Tuesday when the teachers were comparing the glitter, markers, or tie-dye stains on their hands.  These are cool people.

So Garret is going into sixth grade.  SIXTH grade.  Monday was the first visit (for me) to his new middle school.  ...Guys?  There are girls there.  As in physically-mature girls.  Yeah.  And tall kids.  Tall kids running around like they own the place.  Lots of 'em! 

Where are they sending my baby boy?

There is a good side here.  Well actually, there are two good sides.  One- Garret and his old buddy, Jordan, will be reunited into the same class.  Hey Kerry!  Our boys are destined to be besties!  Two- Brenda needs more assistance in the SLC (special learning center) and has always just associated that classroom as Garret's space.  And, as we all know how Brenda values her own space, having her be part of the SLC hasn't been an option.  Luckily, up until now that hasn't been a concern as she has been in a regular class with an assistant.  Unfortunately, as Brenda excels beautifully, her rate of learning is slow and the gap of academics is presenting a need for a classroom that can provide a custom curriculum.  So we're giving her the best of both worlds.  An assigned, regular classroom where Brenda will enjoy some group activities and projects.  And a custom program in the SLC that will push her academically at a Brenda-friendly pace.  This is good guys.  Real good. 

I'm going to be such a snobby mom when Suzie starts in 2014.  I'll be expecting IEP meetings and personal phone numbers to her team of teachers.  I'll be like So. What changes are you making this year to put my daughter's education at the top of the priority list?  hmmm??

One thing is for sure.  Suzie has some big shoes to fill when she gets there.  My kids are leaving legacies of sweetness, cuteness, humor and amazement.

Did I mention that Brenda has become obsessed with barbies?  Whenever she leaves them, they tend to be in some death-defying situation.

-No mention of boyfriends, balls or princess songs yet.  It's all about the thrill of the wild.

Monday, May 13, 2013


Well, I just love Utah. 

...and not just because it's the mothership to us Mormons.  Which, boy howdy, it is.  I mean, there were billboard ads that used Mormon lingo.  If I lived there I'd be rolling my eyes, but as a visitor I was quite entertained.  It's everywhere!  It's HILARIOUS!! 

The non-Mormons in Utah must be fun people.  Living amongst all these fussy busy-bees, having to learn a language just to understand the local media...   You know how people will learn a phrase or two before going to Mexico?  Donde esta el bano?  Where is the bathroom?  Cuanto cuesta?  How much?  SACAPUNTAS!  pencil sharpener!  (my favorite spanish word.  had to throw that in...)

Well, for any non-Mormons traveling to Utah, you might need to learn a phrase or two.

like: The visiting teacher pondered in Relief Society.  

translation: A lady was thinking with other ladies.

or:  brothers and sisters of the congregation

-- everybody sitting here.

or:  The beehives had a mutual activity.

-- A bunch of 12-yr-old girls giggled for 90 minutes.

Mormons have their own culture.  Utah Mormons have a their own culture within a culture.  I wish I had taken a picture of that billboard.  Or that storefront.  Or that cupcake!

A Mormon cupcake people!  I'm not making this up!

Well here I am rambling when my intention was to just journal about my trip.  oops. 

Anyway, here's a few of us.  Mom and me on the right.  Cousins Becky and Maryanne on the left.  Aunt Susan in the centerfold. 

The weekend went like this-  Fly to Salt Lake City with mom.  Afternoon around temple square.  Meet up with gals (seen above), walk the mall- then down to see more aunts and uncles...  Next morning, WOMEN'S CONFERENCE on the BYU campus.  Classes, crafts, BROWNIES, speakers, crocheting, BROWNIES, PIZZA and zzzzzzzzzz...  Next morning, more classes, crafts, BROWNIES, speakers, ONE OF THE BEST PERFORMANCES OF LES MIS 'BRING HIM HOME' I HAVE EVER WITNESSED, more cousins and pizza and zzzzzzzzzz.  Next day- home!

The BEST part of the weekend?  Spending a few days with my mom, a break from being a mom, and seeing family that I just don't get to see enough.

And I have GOT to get that brownie recipe...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A trip worth talking about

I've started this post a handful of times since Saturday, but never got more than a sentence or two before sliding down my chair with a dead-weight body in utter exhaustion over the task. 

As I'm drooling I'm thinking GAAaAaaaAa.  This is so much WORK.  

And as I slide onto the floor, all twisted under the desk I'm thinking Guess I'm not blogging today...

It really all seems out of my control.  And as today has been a long productive day filled with the dentist, play dates, shopping, laundry, running, mowing the lawn, and other little things that filled in the gaps, there is little hope that this will even happen today. 

Oh, here we go, I'm starting to slide...

BUT, here's the gist- (I thought gist was spelled with a j!  What other crazy things will I learn today???) the GIST is that I went to Utah over the weekend, with my mom, and it was awesome.

Can I just show some pictures now?

That's good, right?  Is that good?  Do I have to add anything?  You get it.  ...Right?

A good journal-er would take the time to journal. 

OK, I'll be back tomorrow.

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