My name is Lindsay and this is just so I don't feel guilty for not keeping a written journal...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A trip worth talking about

I've started this post a handful of times since Saturday, but never got more than a sentence or two before sliding down my chair with a dead-weight body in utter exhaustion over the task. 

As I'm drooling I'm thinking GAAaAaaaAa.  This is so much WORK.  

And as I slide onto the floor, all twisted under the desk I'm thinking Guess I'm not blogging today...

It really all seems out of my control.  And as today has been a long productive day filled with the dentist, play dates, shopping, laundry, running, mowing the lawn, and other little things that filled in the gaps, there is little hope that this will even happen today. 

Oh, here we go, I'm starting to slide...

BUT, here's the gist- (I thought gist was spelled with a j!  What other crazy things will I learn today???) the GIST is that I went to Utah over the weekend, with my mom, and it was awesome.

Can I just show some pictures now?

That's good, right?  Is that good?  Do I have to add anything?  You get it.  ...Right?

A good journal-er would take the time to journal. 

OK, I'll be back tomorrow.


Radke said...

Looks good to me. You and your mom are so pretty! Love that picture of you together.

Brenda said...

You keep sneaking these posts in here without telling me! Fun trip! Can I count your post as mine? I'm too lazy to blog lately.

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