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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

cat seduction

I'm wearing Garret's socks today.  Are men socks just made thicker?  My feet are so cushy.

Today while doing chores I watched a documentary on the Oscars.  Since I was alone in the house it was only natural that I worked on my own acceptance speech.  I'd wear something comfortable and bright green.  My award would be for the making of a documentary and just like Mr Moore I would shout at the president, but not forget to send love to my family.  (My documentary was about special-needs classrooms and the angels that work there.  ...It was awesome, as my Oscar clearly validates.)

Garret has figured out how to turn on the xbox (our source of dvds and Netflix).  The other night I was up all night with him and it worked out well that when his movie ended he would tap that button and the "whom-whom" sound would wake me from my snooze.  He watched Babe a couple times, then on to Star Wars.  With each movie beginning he'd giggle and gargle and cuddle on the couch to show his approval, which is adorable, until he gets bored and decides to knock the tv over and empty my purse into the sink...  ahhh wet tuna...

Brenda is obsessed with Just Dance and will entertain anyone with an awkward YMCA or Lady Gaga.  She may not be much of a dancer (like her mom) but she makes up for it with enthusiasm (like her mom?).  THANK GOODNESS she isn't genetically predisposed to play Frozen's Let it Go over and over and over again.  ...She thought it was a bit boring, actually, and got back into Happy, by Pharrell. 

Suzie struggles in her social life.  Learning that being bossy, loud and belligerent doesn't give you friends is a lesson she may be learning forever more.  How much do I put up a protective barrier around her vs. let her experience reality?  There's value and responsibility in both options.  ...Typical parent conundrum?  She is a go-getter tho.  That girl will move mountains whether they like it or not. 

I wouldn't actually shout at the president while accepting my Oscar.  I'd find a more practical use of my 30 seconds.  ...I'd beg Michael Keaton to do another Beetlejuice movie. 

So Mike is constantly working on his game collection.  (Board and card games)  Mike's a strategist who easily wins while I'm still holding my orange token at the start, wondering what just happened.  He knows not to go easy on me.  Oh, he knows not to DARE do that.  ...I have won a few games.  And when I do I probably give him reason to leave me as I gloat and prance and OWN the room.  Or perhaps he's the more obnoxious one as he calmly explains his victory with a simple shrug?  So smug.

The last game of San Juan simply wasn't fair.  I know life isn't fair, but that draw deck hates me.  I'm delightful!  It's just absurd, is what it is.


Why am I still typing?  This post never even had a point and the cat wants to cuddle.  Mario is a terrifying cat until he's sleepy.  Then he wants to make-out and sleep on my neck.   If I let him he'll zonk out with his nose on my chin.  ...Wouldn't believe this is the same cat that made children cry earlier today.  Oh, he's giving me the "come-hither" look...

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