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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

cocoa applesauce cake

Well Brenda just has privileges that I don't dare try to claim for myself.  If I ever try to teach baking tips just put me outside for some fresh air.  That is, unless I'm giving tips on how to ruin a simple chocolate cookie recipe.  ...It's easy really.  Eye-ball the baking soda, let Suzi put in the vanilla (quasi-measuring) and bake 5 minutes longer than recommended.  You're welcome.

Brenda has taken on my avoidance of measuring, following directions, etc. and Mike's joy for food creation.  Awesome combo.  And tonight, while I was sucked into DIY articles on pinterest, Brenda came in asking for assistance with the oven, as her dough was fresh and ready.  Uh oh.  I decided to go the fun-mom route and play along.  We got the preheating going and I took notes for future posterity from the 10-yr-old baker.

So without further adieu, I'd like to show-off Brenda's-

Cocoa Applesauce Cake

canola oil
hot cocoa powder

(amounts unknown ...good luck)

Feel free to move about your space.  Let the flour come with you as you bustle about so it may leave behind a story of self-expression.

Every egg, every spoon, every packet, every measuring tool... use 'em!  'Cause good grief, it's CAKE time!!!

 Raise your hands in the air and MISH MASH MUSH that junk like you just don't care. 

 bake @ 350 for I don't know, like, an hour?

Guys?  I'm nervous to try it but my kitchen smells delightful.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

our annual Halloween-Birthday PARTY

First, please "oooohhh" and "aaaahhhh" over the cake that Darcy made.

Now calm down and witness the BIGGEST SPIDER our house has EVER housed.

Is it just too much?

We even had a birthday princess...

And happy birthday to my Garret- he got to sleep all day and avoid the magnificent chaos.

Oh, and I forgot to do the costume awards so a note to the friends and family in attendance- I think I won with my rockin' clown costume.  Well, me or Grandpa who's ghouly face scared his grandchildren.

He was wearing face paint!  I am not trying to insult my father-in-law!

Anyway, not too many pictures because I'm lazy- but HAPPY BIRTHDAY Garret and Brenda!

2006 -I think...

Sunday, October 6, 2013



Yes Suzi?

When I have a birthday party will my friends come?


Oh, because they are my friends?


Oh, and they like my party?


Oh, and you'll call my friends?


Oh, and you'll call my friends today?

No, your birthday is after Christmas

Oh, because this birthday is for Brenda and Garret?


Oh, because Brenda and Garret are having a birthday?


Oh, because it's Brenda and Garret's birthday?


Oh, it's not my birthday yet?

Not yet

Oh, can I go to Garret's and Brenda's birthday party?


Oh, can my friends come too?

No, but your cousins will be there

Oh!  Because they like birthday parties?


Oh, because we're having a birthday party?







Can we touch noses?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

3rd marathon taboot

brother Tyler and I fresh at the start line

As I ever-so-calmy mentioned in my last post, I just ran my 3rd marathon.  Brother Tyler ran a half for the first time and now officially calls himself a runner (who will soon pass me up with very little effort...).  I don't think this post would be very enjoyable if I let loose with a bunch of CRAP THAT WAS HARD AND I AM NEVER DOING THAT MARATHON AGAIN SO EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THAT PARTICULAR EVENT CAN JUST SHOVE THOSE STINKIN', ENDLESS MILES OF GRAVEL HILLS SOMEWHERE WHERE JERKY GRAVEL HILLS LIKE THOSE GO TO DIE so before I start twitching I'll just get this out... 

 ...and then I died.

Time was 5:04.  15th place out of 31 total marathoners.  4th place out of 12 women.  OK whatever I'm done.  Can I go back to Newport now?

As Tyler and I ran the first 4 miles together (this is in Umatilla where the half and full share the route for the first while) we talked about pacing.  I think I made some weird comment about holding back the first few miles and having energy in the end to run like you're being chased by a bobcat or something to that affect.  Tyler threw out "So now we'll pretend we're being chased by a badger...".  ok at the time it was hilarious.

...I almost titled this post CHASING BADGERS.

But back to me.  The second half of the marathon was nearly all HILLY GRAVEL trails.  As you can see, snapping pictures as I ran along the first 15, or so, miles was fun and breezy but after a few miles on the gravel I was less enamored with the experience. 

BUT I DID IT!  No regrets!  You won't see me doing that run again but HOORAY!

Doing hard things is awesome.

I have a forever friend who lost her dad in a sudden tragic accident a day before this.  There was nothing I could do but send some love and prayers.  I thought about her as I ached and ran and, though I feel guilty using her pain for my benefit, I have to admit that it helped me get out of my whining thoughts thinking how no matter how this gravel is hurting my feet, or these hills are slowing me down... my dear friend is hurting far worse than I can imagine. 

Please send some prayers out for my friend and her family.  They've got a tough road ahead as they try to get back to "normal".

...and go give your dad a hug.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

holy pancakes

I didn't run today.  Or yesterday.  Or the day before that.  Or the day before that...

It's my quiet time to let muscles heal, stretch, breathe...  All the while thinking HOLY PANCAKES I'm running a MARATHON.


Yeah, it's not my first and, fingers crossed, not my last. 

But being my third I've approached this one faaaar too casually.  I trained.  a bit.  Funny thing is that I'm stressed that I'm NOT stressed.  THAT is what is stressing me out!!


My thought process has been something like this:

  'I should have trained more...  yeeeaaah.  ...What do I wear?


Well, I've got my pink top that is comfortable, but I hate the color and maybe I want something baggy and those black shorts would be good but I haven't seen those in a while maybe I left them somewhere which would suck 'cause I like those shorts but I also like my running skirt but then the pink shirt is definitely out but that's ok 'cause I have the blue shirt but if I wear that shirt I must remember to buy body glide with those sleeves that give me rug burn under my arms after mile 10 so come to think of it I'd rather not wear that shirt at all so do I go with the pink or BLACK!  The black shirt? Do I wear the black shirt?  Does that one go with the skirt?  Or just wear it with the black shorts or is that too much black?' 

My lack of proper stress and silly-stress substitution is probably just my way of avoiding the reality that SATURDAY IS GOING TO KILL ME.  It's not the same marathon I've done the last couple years.  This one is a bully marathon.  It's going to shove me around, throw me against a few walls and drain every drop of joy out of my sobbing, hobbling body. 

Fun huh?

I can see why I've been taking a 'blah' attitude and putting mental energy towards trivial things.  Life is easier when big things, like marathon deaths, don't bother you.  I mean, what can I do about it?  Not go?  pfft.  I get burgers and ice cream afterwards.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Brenda's favorite time of the year!

In true commercialism fashion, Halloween is making it's appearance.  We here at the zookeeping house are happy to help it along...

Yes, those are pants.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Suzie, in her never-ending attempts to do everything with and just like mommy, has taken on a new hobby.

"Watch me Mommy!" she shouted as I pulled my running shoes out of the closet.  I watched her race around the living room after which she, with heavy breath, exclaimed, "I'm a runner, JUST LIKE YOU!".  When she saw that I was very much impressed she ran to her room where she donned her favorite dress.  "I'm ready to go running with you Mommy!"

So, excluding the formal apparel, I think I have a copycat.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Where were we?

"My sore throats are always worse than anyone's"  
-Jane Austen

Summer is awesomely hard.  Chaos fills the void of structure and I come crawling out of it with a few grass stains and a computer full of delightful pictures. 

As you can see, my girls are still adorable.

As is Garret.

We are adorable.

The only problem with this Summer is that I haven't run or slept enough.  But hey, I've had plenty of ice-cream soooo... 

I don't know, it all works out...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


This is the time of year that my kids teachers are thinking/talking/planning for next year.  As in transitions.  I guess maybe all teachers all doing the same thing.  So far, I've only been working with my kids teachers.  Perhaps this is going on all over the school?

Meetings meetings meetings!  Placement, therapy hours, summer school, papers, papers, papers...  I had to smile during Garret's IEP meeting on Tuesday when the teachers were comparing the glitter, markers, or tie-dye stains on their hands.  These are cool people.

So Garret is going into sixth grade.  SIXTH grade.  Monday was the first visit (for me) to his new middle school.  ...Guys?  There are girls there.  As in physically-mature girls.  Yeah.  And tall kids.  Tall kids running around like they own the place.  Lots of 'em! 

Where are they sending my baby boy?

There is a good side here.  Well actually, there are two good sides.  One- Garret and his old buddy, Jordan, will be reunited into the same class.  Hey Kerry!  Our boys are destined to be besties!  Two- Brenda needs more assistance in the SLC (special learning center) and has always just associated that classroom as Garret's space.  And, as we all know how Brenda values her own space, having her be part of the SLC hasn't been an option.  Luckily, up until now that hasn't been a concern as she has been in a regular class with an assistant.  Unfortunately, as Brenda excels beautifully, her rate of learning is slow and the gap of academics is presenting a need for a classroom that can provide a custom curriculum.  So we're giving her the best of both worlds.  An assigned, regular classroom where Brenda will enjoy some group activities and projects.  And a custom program in the SLC that will push her academically at a Brenda-friendly pace.  This is good guys.  Real good. 

I'm going to be such a snobby mom when Suzie starts in 2014.  I'll be expecting IEP meetings and personal phone numbers to her team of teachers.  I'll be like So. What changes are you making this year to put my daughter's education at the top of the priority list?  hmmm??

One thing is for sure.  Suzie has some big shoes to fill when she gets there.  My kids are leaving legacies of sweetness, cuteness, humor and amazement.

Did I mention that Brenda has become obsessed with barbies?  Whenever she leaves them, they tend to be in some death-defying situation.

-No mention of boyfriends, balls or princess songs yet.  It's all about the thrill of the wild.

Monday, May 13, 2013


Well, I just love Utah. 

...and not just because it's the mothership to us Mormons.  Which, boy howdy, it is.  I mean, there were billboard ads that used Mormon lingo.  If I lived there I'd be rolling my eyes, but as a visitor I was quite entertained.  It's everywhere!  It's HILARIOUS!! 

The non-Mormons in Utah must be fun people.  Living amongst all these fussy busy-bees, having to learn a language just to understand the local media...   You know how people will learn a phrase or two before going to Mexico?  Donde esta el bano?  Where is the bathroom?  Cuanto cuesta?  How much?  SACAPUNTAS!  pencil sharpener!  (my favorite spanish word.  had to throw that in...)

Well, for any non-Mormons traveling to Utah, you might need to learn a phrase or two.

like: The visiting teacher pondered in Relief Society.  

translation: A lady was thinking with other ladies.

or:  brothers and sisters of the congregation

-- everybody sitting here.

or:  The beehives had a mutual activity.

-- A bunch of 12-yr-old girls giggled for 90 minutes.

Mormons have their own culture.  Utah Mormons have a their own culture within a culture.  I wish I had taken a picture of that billboard.  Or that storefront.  Or that cupcake!

A Mormon cupcake people!  I'm not making this up!

Well here I am rambling when my intention was to just journal about my trip.  oops. 

Anyway, here's a few of us.  Mom and me on the right.  Cousins Becky and Maryanne on the left.  Aunt Susan in the centerfold. 

The weekend went like this-  Fly to Salt Lake City with mom.  Afternoon around temple square.  Meet up with gals (seen above), walk the mall- then down to see more aunts and uncles...  Next morning, WOMEN'S CONFERENCE on the BYU campus.  Classes, crafts, BROWNIES, speakers, crocheting, BROWNIES, PIZZA and zzzzzzzzzz...  Next morning, more classes, crafts, BROWNIES, speakers, ONE OF THE BEST PERFORMANCES OF LES MIS 'BRING HIM HOME' I HAVE EVER WITNESSED, more cousins and pizza and zzzzzzzzzz.  Next day- home!

The BEST part of the weekend?  Spending a few days with my mom, a break from being a mom, and seeing family that I just don't get to see enough.

And I have GOT to get that brownie recipe...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A trip worth talking about

I've started this post a handful of times since Saturday, but never got more than a sentence or two before sliding down my chair with a dead-weight body in utter exhaustion over the task. 

As I'm drooling I'm thinking GAAaAaaaAa.  This is so much WORK.  

And as I slide onto the floor, all twisted under the desk I'm thinking Guess I'm not blogging today...

It really all seems out of my control.  And as today has been a long productive day filled with the dentist, play dates, shopping, laundry, running, mowing the lawn, and other little things that filled in the gaps, there is little hope that this will even happen today. 

Oh, here we go, I'm starting to slide...

BUT, here's the gist- (I thought gist was spelled with a j!  What other crazy things will I learn today???) the GIST is that I went to Utah over the weekend, with my mom, and it was awesome.

Can I just show some pictures now?

That's good, right?  Is that good?  Do I have to add anything?  You get it.  ...Right?

A good journal-er would take the time to journal. 

OK, I'll be back tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I don't have to explain 2 am blog posts...

What else inspires a post like the sounds of a Gumby movie in the background?

um, I don't know.

Oh gag I'm tired.


Today The Suz wanted to have a dance party.  I neglected the laundry as we, uh, raised the roof just as ladies like us tend to do.  When Brenda joined in, the party morphed into a make-stuffed-animals-toot dance.  I only laughed a little before adulting up.

Later, I was assigned to be the shark (stuffed animal) who was friends with the flamingo (another stuffed animal) who wanted to be friends with the giraffe (a real one)-Animals don't wear clothes so the laundry still sat.  As friendships developed the conversations morphed into a dance party where Shark (still played by me) stole the show. 

It wasn't long before there was a sudden emergency also known as WE HAVE NO COOKIES IN THE HOUSE!  I retreated to the kitchen for some words-with-friends and netflix ...and baking.

And tonight, as Garret and I entertain ourselves in the wee hours of the morning with Gumby and blogging and peanut butter, I'm wondering why I don't have clean socks for tomorrow...

There you go.

John Lovitz says we don't need socks.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Suzie's got my phone again...

This post brought to you after sifting through over 300 pics discovered on my phone.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

getting personal

Oh my goodness.

This MARRIAGE talk!

Anyone else getting tired?

I can stand and say that I believe that the act of homosexuality is against the teachings of Christ.    ...a sin.  But BY GOLLY this does NOT mean that I...

   A) am afraid of gay people

   B) hate gay people

   C) believe gay people are evil

I DO believe that we can LOVE as Christ taught and at the same time acknowledge right from wrong Christ taught. 

I believe sex before marriage is a sin.  If you disagree, or are even "guilty" of this, PLEASE- let's be friends.  I know we can be.  I bet we have lots in common.  We could laugh about kids, pets, tv, etc.  We could go shopping, tell each other secrets and have some jokes for just the two of us.  AND AT THE SAME TIME simply disagree on what is a sin, and what isn't.

I believe abortion is a sin (also acknowledge that just like killing in general, there are exceptions).  If you have participated in this PLEASE- let's be buddies.  Come over for dinner and I'll make my delicious rolls and you can bring a dessert.  Maybe we share the same favorite movie?  Maybe we both don't like watermelon, but LOVE cantaloupe?  We could go for a run together then make cantaloupe smoothies.  Mmmm...  AND AT THE SAME TIME simply disagree on what is a sin, and what isn't.

I believe drinking alcohol is a sin...

I believe pornography is a sin...
I believe the greatest law of Heaven IS TO LOVE.  It IS possible to love someone and NOT BE OK with everything they do.  Not just possible- it is A COMMANDMENT.

When I take a stand for my Christ-centered values it is NOT personal.  It is not aimed at anyone.  It is not spiteful, vengeful, or just plain hateful.  It is me, doing as my Christ-seeking conscience directs.  It is my unworthy-self trying.  

...I guess it is personal.   to me.

photo via

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Can February March?

No, but April May!

What flower needs chapstick?

Tulips!  (two-lips)

Who's excited about Spring?

This guy-

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