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Sunday, September 29, 2013

3rd marathon taboot

brother Tyler and I fresh at the start line

As I ever-so-calmy mentioned in my last post, I just ran my 3rd marathon.  Brother Tyler ran a half for the first time and now officially calls himself a runner (who will soon pass me up with very little effort...).  I don't think this post would be very enjoyable if I let loose with a bunch of CRAP THAT WAS HARD AND I AM NEVER DOING THAT MARATHON AGAIN SO EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THAT PARTICULAR EVENT CAN JUST SHOVE THOSE STINKIN', ENDLESS MILES OF GRAVEL HILLS SOMEWHERE WHERE JERKY GRAVEL HILLS LIKE THOSE GO TO DIE so before I start twitching I'll just get this out... 

 ...and then I died.

Time was 5:04.  15th place out of 31 total marathoners.  4th place out of 12 women.  OK whatever I'm done.  Can I go back to Newport now?

As Tyler and I ran the first 4 miles together (this is in Umatilla where the half and full share the route for the first while) we talked about pacing.  I think I made some weird comment about holding back the first few miles and having energy in the end to run like you're being chased by a bobcat or something to that affect.  Tyler threw out "So now we'll pretend we're being chased by a badger...".  ok at the time it was hilarious.

...I almost titled this post CHASING BADGERS.

But back to me.  The second half of the marathon was nearly all HILLY GRAVEL trails.  As you can see, snapping pictures as I ran along the first 15, or so, miles was fun and breezy but after a few miles on the gravel I was less enamored with the experience. 

BUT I DID IT!  No regrets!  You won't see me doing that run again but HOORAY!

Doing hard things is awesome.

I have a forever friend who lost her dad in a sudden tragic accident a day before this.  There was nothing I could do but send some love and prayers.  I thought about her as I ached and ran and, though I feel guilty using her pain for my benefit, I have to admit that it helped me get out of my whining thoughts thinking how no matter how this gravel is hurting my feet, or these hills are slowing me down... my dear friend is hurting far worse than I can imagine. 

Please send some prayers out for my friend and her family.  They've got a tough road ahead as they try to get back to "normal".

...and go give your dad a hug.

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Brenda said...

You are SO right about the awesomeness of doing hard things. I'm glad you learned this earlier in life than I did.

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