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Sunday, October 4, 2015


As little-brother Tyler and I cruised past Milt Nomad Falls we texted big-brother and sis-in-law, Colton and Lora, building the excitement of our arrival.

Big brother, being far too shrewd to be fooled by autocorrect, recognized Multnomah Falls right off the bat.  Probably picked that up from my sweet drive-by shot, eh?

 Now before I continue with our story, I need to distract you.

Everybody has embarrassing pictures, right?  Like, you didn't know someone had a camera and you had just shoved 8 sour worms into your mouth?  Or maybe you just caught a contagious yawn?

 Oh Macy Macy sweety-niecy Macy.  How embarrassing.  I was pulling old pics off my phone and there you were.  Caught off guard.  I'm so mean.  A lady should never be captured in such a moment.  Has your mother not taught you that yet?  Maybe you'll hate me forever, but you're doing me a big favor so pat yourself on the head...

I want company as I share some embarrassing pictures.




sore from thought-to-be-mild previous injuries

no breakfast 

wet feet

...We set out just shrugging our shoulders and discussing Blacklist.

Just like my drive-by photography, I am equally skilled while running.
(Keep ridiculous Macy in mind.  I mean, good grief, that poor girl...)

Look at the cool tunnel!

Hey Tyler!  Let's get a running shot in front of the tunnel!

Smile!  My trigger finger's going like a woodpecker buddy!  TURN AROUND!
Tyler?  You want me to put the camera down?

I'm just sure this shaky picture will look sweet, Tyler.  Pose like a superhero.

Here's my superhero pose-

This is like, magazine stuff.

You look annoyed, Tyler.  Are we not having fun?

Look at the pretty view!

Well it was rough.  We whined and laughed and growled and snarked and limped and insulted other runners under our breath... 

We were DEAD LAST out of maybe 25 halfers.

...that old lady who passed us probably cheated.


Look!  A TRAIN!!!


What a joke it was!

Luckily, while the run was the excuse, the real spirit of the trip was visiting these folks-

Probably the coolest older brother that I'll never stop looking up to and a SIL who well deserves older brother.  (haha, remember?  how she's too awesome?  haha!  let's never let that die...)

ahh yes.  The limp is no concern. 

Now a sister-love letter to little-brother Tyler,

Dear Tyler,

Years ago when I wrote you that story (by your request -I'm not weird on my own), I made it as odd, as random, and as embarrassingly stupid as my fingers would allow because I know what makes the two of us smile.

Alright, it's time for public humiliation.  Everybody up against the wall.

I think you said you wanted a sequel and while I may be too lazy for that just know that our odd, random and embarrassing antics are some of my favorites.

Have you ever met anyone who doesn't like donuts?  Know why?  'Cause they're in jail.

But as laughably miserable as that run was, I'd do again with you!  Next year?  But this time we say we're doing lots and lots of miles, then we run the 4 miler.  Because the medal was the SAME.  FOR.  EVERYBODY.


So let's not give up.

Even after we texted some tempting alternative exercise ideas-

I'm just not ready to let it go.

His name's Kevin, let's worship it.

So, favorite-running-partner-brother, what do ya say?

Rest a bit and we meet in a couple weeks for our favorite training run?

Who else will run beside me as we grumble about hills and quote Pinky and the Brain at the same time???

Who else knows what I'm talking about when I shout-

Did you bring a canoe, 'cause there's a river!

Besides.  The run has spit up a little gem.

Behold, your new FB profile pic-

And one more bit of mush.

Last thing, I promise.

-not to be too syrupy or anything but...


                                                                                     love, big-sis Lindsay

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