My name is Lindsay and this is just so I don't feel guilty for not keeping a written journal...

Thursday, April 28, 2011


 Dinner and a nap.  Suzie is living the dream...

 And perhaps Brenda's dream is to be Batman's secretary? 

Nice greenery. -important in any workspace...

 Is that a panic button?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

poor, poor Mario...

So Mario was brutally "emasculated" yesterday.  So sad.  While I waited in the small room for the doctor he crawled up between my neck and the wall.  His big eyes peered from behind my ear suspiciously.  He knew something was up.
Later, Mario spent the afternoon gingerly wandering around with a dazed look.  His sedated eyes broke my heart, kinda.  'Cause you know, he's a cat.  But today he's got a bit more zip in his step and a playful gleam in his eye.  Good to know he doesn't hate us...   

Sorry Mario.  But we weren't willing to tolerate the consequences of an un-fixed cat. 


This post is dedicated to Bob Barker.  It's what he would have wanted...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

smarty pants

 The other day I was in my room being very productive (of course) when Mike calls out from the kitchen- "You might wanna grab your camera!!"  I rush out expecting the kids to be juggling or flying or something....

It's Mike proudly standing over the table with our lunch on display. 

I was so smart to marry a guy who likes to cook.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter breakdown

I should say happy Easter, eh?  Or perhaps HOPE YOU HAD A NICE EASTER! would be more fitting seeing that the day is ending.  What I'd like to know is how to make Easter Sunday the spiritually uplifting day that it's supposed to be.  I believe that children are a gift from God.  So how is it that they seem to drain all my spiritual energy?  I miss 96% of the beautiful words in church because Suzie is wanting to discuss the duckies in her book, or Brenda is frantically scrambling for the door, or Garret just needs to tap his face on mine.  Well now I'm sounding pretty sour and that's not what I mean to do...

I'm sadly not one of those mommies that really gets into Easter.  I don't really care if my kiddos have new Springy Easter attire or even get to color eggs.  (They don't care)  We did bring plastic eggs w/ candy to the family gathering and the girls had a lovely time searching with their cousins.  So I'm not a total humbugging lazyhead.  And the gathering was warm and fuzzy and fun.  My father-in-law made the most succulent ham.  (I definitely got into that.) 

But it all seems to be such a production when I see Easter being about two things: candy and Jesus.  As long as we have candy and Jesus, we've got a successful Easter.

So like I was whining about before- the candy part is easy, but bringing in a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ is turning out to be tricky.  For now I may just have to settle for the occasional-

"Hey Brenda, who's that?" (pointing to a picture of our Savior)


"Hey Suzie, who's that?" (same picture)


...And assuming that Garret was extra cuddly today because maybe he knows.  Maybe he gets it?

Well, I'm going to finish the day with a little scriptures and a little prayer and a renewed dedication to be like Jesus.  'Cause He lives. 


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Got stuff?

I used to avoid yard sales simply because I couldn't take the awkward feeling of rifling through other people's junk while they watched from the dark corner of their garage.  Anyone else hate that feeling?  But years ago, with young kids and a tight budget, I pushed through the pain and now just the sight of a garage-sale sign gets me giddy.

Ohhh, what treasures will I find today???

$35!  (children not included)

So, paired with my new running shoes-

...I'll be getting in some awesome miles!  (Was I not already??)

Garret still gets his big-boy stroller runs.  Absolutely.

So let's clear out our trunks and map out our course for next Saturday!

I'd like some old frames to make new.  I'd like straw hats for a church-related thingamajig.  I'd like outdoor toys for the kids' summer.  I'd like magic legumes (Who watches The Office?).  I'd like old clothes for cool-vintage fabric scraps.  I'd like a Garret-proof lamp.  I'd like  ...stuff.

(Somebody's rolling their eyes.  Stop it.)

And you're welcome for pics of my deliciously-cute kids.  They're deliciously cute.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

pillow talk

Last Christmas my family had a good laugh watching me practically wet my pants with excitement as my mom opened the pajama pants that I sewed ALL BY MYSELF.   They fit her perfectly and I now consider myself a pro.

Now, a few projects later, I am bursting with pride to show you another success.


See the simple slipcover overlap?
ha cha chaaa

I realize that many of you could sew pillow covers in your sleep but nevertheless, I will continue to give myself rockstar props.

Am I ready to step it up in difficulty?  Anyone need a wedding dress?  Actually, I think I'll go hem a skirt that is too long for my short body...

Monday, April 18, 2011

will blog for brownies

Well if you really want to know I've just been stubborn.  Never mind the new couch in my living room.  Never mind my scary cat story.  Never mind an awesome-but-not-super-awesome movie.  Never mind the tragic death of the COOLEST LAMP EVER.  I'm just not blog-inclined today.  

I feel like a 9 year old with her arms crossed and chin out.  "I don't wanna blog!  You can't make me!!"

...But I do have a cute 2 year old who says "teese!" every time I break out the camera.

And we had sunny skies on Sunday.

And I slept in on Saturday.

And Skittles are yummy.

And I got new running shorts and shirts.

And Brenda likes to read a book about monkeys.

And Garret laughed and jumped with glee when I picked him up from school on Friday.

And Mike likes to cook me dinner.

So I guess I should write those things down. 

...or somethin.

Speaking of journaling-  on Sundays my mom used to entice us kids with yummy desserts in hopes that we would keep a regular journal.  I have this entry from when I was about 14 that says, "Kendall is a poo-poo head, Kendall is a poo-poo head, Kendall is a etc, etc...".  And wouldn't you know, Kendall has an entry from the same day that says, "No I'm not, No I'm not, No I'm not..."

Hey Mom, do I get dessert for blogging?  

Sunday, April 10, 2011

mustering up something brilliant

I've got to make time to exercise my brain.  Days full of kid-goo and house-guck tend to wear on my intellect.  (OK, there wasn't much there to begin with.  I mean, my parents are cousins...) 

Like today, the kids and I were headed to my in-laws and for a good 15 minutes Brenda is practically having a seizure in the back seat. 

Garret!!  Don't eat the sock! NO!!  No Garret!!!  AAAAHH!  PUT THE SOCK DOWN.  NO!  NO TONGUE!  NO TONGUE GARRET!!  DON'T EAT THE SOCK!!!!!   AAAAHH!!!

Garret (being Garret) had a sock in his hand and was tapping it to his face.  To defend my sanity my only option was to sing the Star Wars theme song.  (I would have much rather talked about our Sunday school lessons, or the old farmhouses we passed along the way.)

Tonight I'll be cleaning up all the paper bits that Garret has smashed, chewed, and flung in delight.  Such a waste.  Perfectly good toilet paper, paper towels, and what's this?  Brenda's homework??  Well, so much for that!  I'm starting to go cross-eyed...  

And maybe tomorrow,
after a totally-unfair game of hide-and-seek with Suzie, I'll want to discuss the book I'm reading...  

So, Suzie, I'm fascinated by the culture of the Mongolian Bushmen.  What is it about their ancient healing rituals that translates into modern medicine?  ...Suzie gives me a blank stare, puts out her hand and says, "Cookie".

OK, the conversation is more likely to be about 'Project Runway' but you get my drift...

Someday there will be no such thing as dirty dishes, diapers, and tantrums and I can have fun pretending to be sophisticated and refined.  In the meantime I'll be spending a few minutes every day banging my head into the wall with the music of Barney serenading me in the background.

Whatever.  It's a good thing they're so DANG cute...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

shout outs and cat poo

 A heartfelt THANKS to my cousin Becca who received a blog-award from a friend and followed that up by passing the award along to a few of her favorite bloggers.



So to not be selfish I'd like to pass this along to two of my favorite bloggers.  (Just two because I found that the moment I thought about a third I could NOT pick just one!)

Soled Out - Not because she's my mom but because I really believe her blog should be famous.  REALLY.

the philosophies of jen - We met through other blogs and I immediately felt a comradery.  Delightful blog (though she's been quiet for a few weeks!), and I'd like to think that if we ever actually meet we'd hit it off as great friends.  (Would she be able to see past my dorkiness?)

***Mom, and Jen- IF YOU WANT TO, copy the award picture and display it on your blog.   (Or just enjoy the kudos.) 

NOW I'd like to add to my collection of Brenda-isms.

Upon waking her this morning I discovered that she had smuggled hand soap to her room and had given her hair a lovely-scented ...moisturizing?  In my rushed morning panic I ask, "What do we do now??".  She seems bored by my stupidity, "Wash the hair, mommy."

She takes pride in her chores.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Holding on to old jeans

Today my abs were sore.  All day.  Every so often I'd pass a mirror and check to see if my belly was as ripped as it felt ...and each time I was disappointed.  Yes, I'm silly.  I know.

Like after a day of eating extra healthy and some rigorous yoga I'm digging through my closet to try on my old size 6 jeans...

I never really struggled with weight until I had baby #3 and turned 30.  (Both within 3 weeks!)  And over the last few years I've become one of those obsessive, baggy-clothes wearing, ...females.  I get frustrated that it's a mere 15-20 extra pounds that seem to have quite a hold on me.  Why can't it just go away??? 

Nobody told me that my warm hat looked like one of those Russian ushankas!  (had to look that word up...)

So I recently dove into a fitness challenge with a group of friends.  Let's see if I can get my snacking under control and slim a few pounds off. 

'Cause in two months I'll be running along, somewhere between mile 1 and 26, and hopefully not cursing this extra baggage.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Look at me! LOOK AT MEEE!!!

 Brenda is proud of her xbox kinect skills.  But her participation always hinders on her finding just the correct outfit...

You're rockin' that pink girlfriend.


And I got that haircut that I mentioned last week.  Awkward picture, but all of the "on purpose" shots were awkward-er...

I think I look like a ROCKSTAR. I feel like a ROCKSTAR.  I'm starting to act like a ROCKSTAR.

Now be gone.  You bore me.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Did I ever tell you about the time-

 that I was on Oprah?

What a pleasure it was!  We laughed and cried.  I shared secrets of my past and she had several "Ah-Ha" moments.   
As an honored guest I felt it my duty to bring a gift. 
(Of course it was a dvd of The Wonder Years, season 2, where I play the obnoxious but lovable neighbor- Delilah Brisby.)

Oh you forgot about Delilah?  That's surprising since I took home an EMMY for that role...

It was a crazy time.  And after I married the love of my life,

we decided to settle down away from the limelight so as to provide a more peaceful, stable home for our children...

Happy April Fool's Day everybody!
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