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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Got stuff?

I used to avoid yard sales simply because I couldn't take the awkward feeling of rifling through other people's junk while they watched from the dark corner of their garage.  Anyone else hate that feeling?  But years ago, with young kids and a tight budget, I pushed through the pain and now just the sight of a garage-sale sign gets me giddy.

Ohhh, what treasures will I find today???

$35!  (children not included)

So, paired with my new running shoes-

...I'll be getting in some awesome miles!  (Was I not already??)

Garret still gets his big-boy stroller runs.  Absolutely.

So let's clear out our trunks and map out our course for next Saturday!

I'd like some old frames to make new.  I'd like straw hats for a church-related thingamajig.  I'd like outdoor toys for the kids' summer.  I'd like magic legumes (Who watches The Office?).  I'd like old clothes for cool-vintage fabric scraps.  I'd like a Garret-proof lamp.  I'd like  ...stuff.

(Somebody's rolling their eyes.  Stop it.)

And you're welcome for pics of my deliciously-cute kids.  They're deliciously cute.


Becca Jane said...

Haha, watching from a dark corner, that's funny (and too true!). BUT I love garage sales! We actually live in a REALLY wealthy part of SLC...which is weird cuz we're in rundown student housing...but they throw some fancy garage sales! Their junk is still really high-quality stuff to us students! Love it!

nuttbutts said...

the magic legumes were THE best! i say we plan a saturday garage sale(ing) adventure :) i need to find me a stroller like yours. ya know for september when i can actually run again!

Radke said...

I love garage sales too. Every year there is a nice neighborhood in Eugene that has a huge garage sale. It's great stuff for great prices and we always go. I am still looking for a good price on a jogging stroller. We sold ours a couple years ago and now I am kicking myself. It would come in handy now that I am jogging.

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