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Monday, April 18, 2011

will blog for brownies

Well if you really want to know I've just been stubborn.  Never mind the new couch in my living room.  Never mind my scary cat story.  Never mind an awesome-but-not-super-awesome movie.  Never mind the tragic death of the COOLEST LAMP EVER.  I'm just not blog-inclined today.  

I feel like a 9 year old with her arms crossed and chin out.  "I don't wanna blog!  You can't make me!!"

...But I do have a cute 2 year old who says "teese!" every time I break out the camera.

And we had sunny skies on Sunday.

And I slept in on Saturday.

And Skittles are yummy.

And I got new running shorts and shirts.

And Brenda likes to read a book about monkeys.

And Garret laughed and jumped with glee when I picked him up from school on Friday.

And Mike likes to cook me dinner.

So I guess I should write those things down. 

...or somethin.

Speaking of journaling-  on Sundays my mom used to entice us kids with yummy desserts in hopes that we would keep a regular journal.  I have this entry from when I was about 14 that says, "Kendall is a poo-poo head, Kendall is a poo-poo head, Kendall is a etc, etc...".  And wouldn't you know, Kendall has an entry from the same day that says, "No I'm not, No I'm not, No I'm not..."

Hey Mom, do I get dessert for blogging?  


Brenda said...

Yes!!! I'm bringing more Power Bar Energy Blasts on Friday!

Sue O said...

If it were up to your mother, no one would ever get dessert again. EVER!!!
And I say that in the nicest possible way!
My WV is "hypout". Is that what Garrett does when you pick him up from school?

lindsay said...

Looking forward to Friday!
Sue- WV? And Garret usually doesn't seem to care on the days I pick him up.

Val said...


lindsay said...

Yeah Val, it's that lamp. Now I can't wear the sweater 'cause it makes me too sad... (Garret didn't mean to kick the lamp into the wall, right?)

Sue O said...

WV=word verification.

GoofyJ said...

love, love, loved the whole journal writing story. too funny :-)

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