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Thursday, April 7, 2011

shout outs and cat poo

 A heartfelt THANKS to my cousin Becca who received a blog-award from a friend and followed that up by passing the award along to a few of her favorite bloggers.



So to not be selfish I'd like to pass this along to two of my favorite bloggers.  (Just two because I found that the moment I thought about a third I could NOT pick just one!)

Soled Out - Not because she's my mom but because I really believe her blog should be famous.  REALLY.

the philosophies of jen - We met through other blogs and I immediately felt a comradery.  Delightful blog (though she's been quiet for a few weeks!), and I'd like to think that if we ever actually meet we'd hit it off as great friends.  (Would she be able to see past my dorkiness?)

***Mom, and Jen- IF YOU WANT TO, copy the award picture and display it on your blog.   (Or just enjoy the kudos.) 

NOW I'd like to add to my collection of Brenda-isms.

Upon waking her this morning I discovered that she had smuggled hand soap to her room and had given her hair a lovely-scented ...moisturizing?  In my rushed morning panic I ask, "What do we do now??".  She seems bored by my stupidity, "Wash the hair, mommy."

She takes pride in her chores.


Brenda said...

For little ol' ME?? REALLY!?! I don't know what to say! First of all I'd like to thank my adoring fans who have been patiently reading my posts, and I'd like to thank my laptop for always being there, ready and waiting .... and for my family who ..... (Musics starts up and the curtain closes.)

Brenda said...

Oh, btw, you should mention that Brenda decided on her own that cat poop detail was HER job. What a girl!

Jen said...

Ah shucks! I wonder if I will ever get back to that blog of mine? I am sort of having a mid-life crisis or something. I have been keeping up on my private family blog so if you really miss me you can e-mail me and I will send you an invite.

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