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Saturday, August 13, 2016


So I called Suzie over to the computer, showed her these pictures and asked her what she would like the post to say.  She said I don't know and I immediately typed that phrase.  Seeing this she starts to cry.  I clear the script and tell her we can come up with something fun.  She cries harder from the pressure.  I close the page and tell her not to worry, we could go play a game instead. 

She picked Snake Oil and, of course, she beat me.  (Playing Snake Oil with just two people doesn't work traditionally but we've made alterations that make no sense.)  After that Brenda suggested we play dance-attack.  Having never heard of this I asked her what to do.  She stood across the room and started to twirl ballerina-like.  Making her way towards me she suddenly punched me.  Not too hard, but definitely by surprise.  "Dance Attack!"  Suzie, having witnessed, was in.  She started prancing and I was suddenly kicked in the shin. 

she enjoys a certain app

It was giggles all around but I had to teach the girls WWF style fighting.  After we settled down I again asked Suzie about the blog post.  "Any thoughts on what we should write?"  She shook her head.  I asked if I could write about when she.......   She laughed and said That would be gross gross GROSS! 

...loves it, actually

So I don't get to write about somebody tooting in the bathtub?

My point is that I like this girl and I want her to share her thoughts. 

I just went and asked her what her favorite part of today was.  She said Disco Head which, she explained, is some game where you stick your head out of your tent. 

...BTW- We went camping.  It was fun. 

...I should post about that when I get some pictures...

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