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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

getting personal

Oh my goodness.

This MARRIAGE talk!

Anyone else getting tired?

I can stand and say that I believe that the act of homosexuality is against the teachings of Christ.    ...a sin.  But BY GOLLY this does NOT mean that I...

   A) am afraid of gay people

   B) hate gay people

   C) believe gay people are evil

I DO believe that we can LOVE as Christ taught and at the same time acknowledge right from wrong Christ taught. 

I believe sex before marriage is a sin.  If you disagree, or are even "guilty" of this, PLEASE- let's be friends.  I know we can be.  I bet we have lots in common.  We could laugh about kids, pets, tv, etc.  We could go shopping, tell each other secrets and have some jokes for just the two of us.  AND AT THE SAME TIME simply disagree on what is a sin, and what isn't.

I believe abortion is a sin (also acknowledge that just like killing in general, there are exceptions).  If you have participated in this PLEASE- let's be buddies.  Come over for dinner and I'll make my delicious rolls and you can bring a dessert.  Maybe we share the same favorite movie?  Maybe we both don't like watermelon, but LOVE cantaloupe?  We could go for a run together then make cantaloupe smoothies.  Mmmm...  AND AT THE SAME TIME simply disagree on what is a sin, and what isn't.

I believe drinking alcohol is a sin...

I believe pornography is a sin...
I believe the greatest law of Heaven IS TO LOVE.  It IS possible to love someone and NOT BE OK with everything they do.  Not just possible- it is A COMMANDMENT.

When I take a stand for my Christ-centered values it is NOT personal.  It is not aimed at anyone.  It is not spiteful, vengeful, or just plain hateful.  It is me, doing as my Christ-seeking conscience directs.  It is my unworthy-self trying.  

...I guess it is personal.   to me.

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