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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Come see! Come SEE!!

For the past 5 weeks I've had quite the conversation piece as a focal point in the living room.

Remember this post?  Monica took that as an invitation to decorate my living room on my birthday.  I LOVE it.  I mean, my lovely family in a GIANT frame?  YES!  Even if it is, well, kinda creepy (see earlier link)  So, the deal she made me swear to was to display it for at least a month before putting in the intended picture, which she had also printed and safely wrapped for storage. 

I know, right?

If you're confused, refer to this post and I have to admit that I was never happy with those two pictures.  They looked cheap and didn't have the impact I had wanted.  But, the lazy lady in me shrugged and figured years down the road I'd do something better.  Really, it would have been yeeears.

Here we go-


Thank you Monica.  Tomorrow morning when you bring the kids down for piano lessons I'm going to come running out, jumping around like a monkey, shouting "Come see!  Come SEE!!!"...


Val said...

That is AWESOME!

Christy Jones said...

Wish I could come see!! How fun!

Radke said...

Looks great!

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