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Sunday, March 10, 2013

me at church

After being released as the Young Women president in my ward a few months ago I spent a month subbing for a primary class, then onto my new calling as the Sunday school teacher for the 14 & 15 yr olds.

This meant a 45 minute lesson every Sunday and THAT'S IT.  

...How about a visual display?

My calling now:

 My calling before:

notice the heart so I won't be called a whiner...

Needless to say, leaving YWs, as hard as that was, has had it's perks.

There's a new curriculum this year for youth.  It's super-duper doctrinal, super-duper inspiring, and super-duper NOT easy to teach if you're a slacker like me.

Wait.  I have to actually prepare my lessons????

In Young Women lessons I would prep maybe 60% and ad-lib the other 40.  Yeah, I know.  I totally got away with it...  Somehow it worked!  I told myself that's just my style...  But apparently my style is not sufficient in this new setting.  Gone are the days of cracking open the lesson book at 11:00 the night before.  (I never did that. ..smirk.)

Yeah, the past couple months have been an eye opener.   

How about a visual?

If I am prepared -

If I am not -


-For those of you not familiar with our Mormon ways this may all look very strange.  Sorry 'bout that.  Please don't take my weirdness to mean that the entire religion is weird.  I mean, even if it is weird, don't just take my word for it...
Hey, anyone remember Lamar?  Reading Rainbow?  Just me?


Baaaack on topic!  Sadly, today was the second scenario.  Even the pie I brought, though delicious, couldn't save the lesson.  My yammering was simply a time-filler.  ...Well hold on now Lindsay.  There was one breakthrough.  A young man was inspired to proclaim March 10 national favorite-kitchen-utensil day.  Let's not let that little jewel slip through the cracks.


But anyway.

I was just in the mood to goof off on photoshop.  And I wanted to say I'm gonna do better.


Thank you Reading Rainbow.


Brenda said...

What a delight!! Your posts are better than a big bowl of warm homemade tapioca pudding! .... almost. ;D

Radke said...

Loved Reading Rainbow. The new curriculum is super hard. I feel sorry for anyone who has to sub now.

Jenna said...

Oh I hear you!! Serious! Mind blowingly different this curriculum is. I'm experimenting with different ways to do the lessons, we'll have to swap ideas...

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