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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Crafty Cat Stevens

The "Crafty" is because I'm sharing a couple crafts that I've pulled off with minimal drama-

1-  recovering a nasty-old, $5 ottoman with a $3 Goodwill curtain panel-

(This is the "after" picture.  ...If you thought it was the "before" picture -get out of my house.)

2-  A coffee-filter-flower wreath!  In person, it's like my wedding reception puked up a monstrous donut, but in pictures it looks deceptively lovely.  ...perfect for my blog world!

Here's the Pinterest link- LINK


The "Cat" is to introduce our new cat, Shawn-

Long story, but I'll say this- he's the sweetest, nicest, most-patient, calm, meek and soft cat that's ever been a cat.  Yeah, we luvy-duvy him.

...He's been "Suzied".


And the "Stevens" part is because it comes naturally after "Cat".  ...right?

Am I getting old?


Brenda said...

Cute, cute, CUTE!

Lora said...

Hello! this is Weston Brady! or lizardeem. ( thats my username ) Shawn looks REALLY cute. he sounds SOOOOO much like our cat Bella. She is super cute, soft, nice, patient,( most of the time anyway) and she is a calm-at-one-time-hyper-at-other-times kind of cat. And she gets 'Harleyed' ALL the time.

P.S. what happened with mario? oh yeah, also check out my blog if you can. Its

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