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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I'm going to NON-preach about self-image...

Mike left the house today saying, "I need to lose a few pounds."

I said, "Yeah, me too."

Fast forward a few hours when he walks in the house with Tillamook mudslide ice cream.

"WAAHOO!"  I shouted.  -Then it was just the sound of shuffling as we raced for bowls and spoons.

Now, after sitting for a bit, frustrated over my weakness and tight waistband, I thought I'd type out the conversation I just had with myself.


I've read a few articles and blogs about body image.  Words meant to inspire women to love and accept themselves as they are.  Saying, you are perfect JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.


BUT, I know what's in my head.

I miss myself, 20 lbs ago when I could run stronger and finding clothes I felt good in wasn't such a challenge.  I felt better, and not because I liked myself more, but I JUST FELT BETTER.

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm not obese.  I'm not trying to exaggerate to get compliments.  But what I want to share is my confusion over telling ourselves we are perfect.

No we're not.

And I'm not talking about our bodies.  Well, not ONLY about our bodies.

I'm flawed.  My body doesn't function perfectly and part of the problem is my love affair with ice cream.  I can't lie to myself about it! 

Also I'm selfish.  I'm lazy.  I take good things for granted and too easily get frustrated over silly things.

These are just realities.

But I like myself!  I really do!

I'm fun and friendly.  I'm (usually) patient and down-to-earth.  I'm a bit creative and artistic.  I have stellar hair (that I should try to fix more often) and I have sexy feet.

But really, REALLY this whole conversation, in the end, is very self-absorbed, isn't it?

After I've read these articles, or had long conversations with myself, coming to terms with my current desires and realities connected to my fitness level/weight, I sometimes realize I'VE JUST SPENT HOW MUCH TIME THINKING ABOUT MYSELF WHEN I HAVE A FRIEND WHO COULD USE SOME BABY CLOTHES FOR HER LITTLE ONE.  Or- I could be playing a board game and flirting with my handsome husband right now.  Or there's a gal down the street who might want some banana bread today.  Or there are fascinating books about world history, or the kids would LOVE it if I explored the yard with them...

For ME, I've found that the best antidote to negative body/self image is GOSH DARN STOP IT.

whatever your size, shape, fitness level, looks, abilities...

Because my happiest, fullest moments are not connected to me practicing self-love.  They were moments of loving outside myself.  They are moments that usually have nothing to do with me.

Now 1.  While I believe I'm not alone in this, I know there are those who struggle in their minds more than I can imagine and I don't want to sound like I have all the answers.

and 2.  This doesn't mean I'm ignoring the extra 20 lbs and becoming Mother Theresa.  I've got only 6 months left in 2015 to see if I can get a marathon in, and my medals are one of my shallow sources of happiness...

aaaaand 3.  The picture above looks like I'm peeing on the poor seal.  I know you thought that and I need you to know that I know.  I'm aware.  But my hair looks beach-sexy, doesn't it?


Kristen Brady said...

I just got done reading a blog post about anti dieting (basically a tricky term to disguise what actually is a diet) before reading your post. This was wonderful! Thank you! And thanks for all of the baby clothes :) I'm so glad a have such a cool older sister to look up to! :) okay, I'll back off of the mushines now :)

Abigayle Turner said...

Being a teenager and a current facebook profile holder these articles are everywhere, and so are the things thay cause them. I have read many of them and I am not going to lie I have no problem with myself or my body because I have come to accept this is me and my attitude and who I want to be and who I decide to be makes me who I am. Anyways of all those articles I think this one is my Favorite because it doesn't talk about worrying as much about your looks because I agree I think we get caught up in a vain world that involves low self esteem often especially as women. And girls but we are more than our looks and you stated that when you said to feel worthwhile, DO something worthwhile. Make yourself worthwhile and I'm power your self. Anyways haha good job :)

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