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Monday, October 22, 2012

reaching across the aisle

If you know me on facebook you are probably aware that I did, indeed, watch the presidential debates.  I hope you enjoyed my rants.  ...You're welcome.  If you don't know me on facebook then you're missing a bunch of this:

accompanied by wise and witty comments of a political nature.  

(All you facebook friends HUSH.)

And I work so hard SO HARD to be open minded.  I listen and reason and hum and haw.  I don't listen to petty, conservative talk show hosts who think name calling is a productive approach.  I watch my perspective- If a republican did that, would I think it so terrible?.  I've even graciously tuned into liberal radio shows, all the while keeping a straight face that looks like I'm thoughtfully considering their argument.  Big E for effort!  And while I'm sure I carry a bias that creeps into my thoughts and conversations, I believe I've developed a balance that keeps me ...reasonable.

And after all this, when people continue to wave that liberal flag, I can take a breath, keep my calm, open my mouth and respectfully ask-

Really people.  CRUSHING debt and we get "free" phones?



Brenda said...

I COMPLETELY understand this post!

Jen said...

I love this!

Lora said...

Are you sure Brenda didn't write this? You two are practically TWINS! :)

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