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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Pooh test

So apparently, when searching online for the Winnie the Pooh personality test, it is very hard, nay, impossible to find something that's printable.  Even then, most of them are more about emotional issues and the various medications needed...

Come on!  This is sweet, innocent, childhood nostalgia!  Let's have some fun with it!

I recently volunteered to prepare a personality test for our church dinner activity.  The plan was to have a simple test at the tables, for fun conversation, then use the results to form groups for Family Feud.  The Winnie the Pooh would be perfect!  But after spending endless time searching online, I donned my doctor hat and wrote one myself.

It turned out cute and, knowing there must be others out there, searching, yearning...  I figured I should share this-

disclaimer- Even with my hours of online study, I am not a doctor.  I know nothing.

I am mostly Tigger, with a bit of Pooh, according to this most professional test...

So go ahead and print this!  Have fun!

You're welcome all you similar searchers.

And I have no rights to Pooh stuff.  ...Is this legal?

P.S. I left out other characters because I'm lazy and because these 5 were the common 5 in all the online tests.

1 comment:

Brenda said...

Eeyore with a bit of Rabbit (the worrier) ......or maybe the other way around. And some Christopher Robin. Very cute test! It must have taken some time to think it up. And you are SO Tigger.

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