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Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas noodle poster

Brenda, all on her own, raided my sewing closet (she's not supposed to without me) and sewed a heart onto one of her old shirts.  She whispered to me, asking me to hide it for Suzie, for Christmas.

Then, later while eating spaghetti, she gave her noodles voices.  
...They were begging for mercy.

A week ago she dressed for church in a green dress with red leggings.  Then, digging thru the Christmas craft box, she made herself a candy cane ribbon headband, a santa-ribbon belt, and pinned her favorite little stuffed animal to her front.  Because he loves Christmas too...

Speaking of church, while sitting in a class, Brenda suddenly exclaims "IT'S SOOO LONG!".  Luckily I was able to smother her halfway thru the sentence, but nearby folks chuckled and seemed to sympathize.

**This is just your friendly neighborhood reminder that Brenda is the arc in my eye-roll, the snort in my laugh and the Tim Curry in my Oscar.**

...Wanna see a Christmas present I made her?

I'm thinking a poster print.  A BIG one.


Brenda said...

How absolutely wonderful!

Lora said...

Aww! Love it! We love Brenda!! She is hilarious and says what we're all thinking! :)

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