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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

time me...


So!  Where were we?

Let's start with Garret.  At school he is working on brushing his own teeth and folding laundry.  ...2 things I do for him at home so I guess I am now officially an enabler.  Shame on me.  He just got new shoes and LOVES the new Star Wars movie.  Right now he's in my bed humming himself to sleep...

Brenda, after seeing the new Star Wars, declared it TERRIFIC and AWESOME, then said, thru happy tears, that she would NEVER watch it again.  (She did once more as she transformed a barbie into Rey.)  Her obsession lately is "girl pop" and if she likes what she hears, she'll most likely let you know that "this is her jam".  She is currently forcing the cat to do a "face-swap" photo...

Suzie still can't decide how to spell her name but she's got everything else figured out.  ....Except for a few concepts she brought up in the car yesterday.  "Mom?  How does a baby hole close after the baby comes out?"  (This was after we talked about Darla, one of our cats, having kittens)  She is glued to the tv right now.  Wild Kratts.



...Caught up!


Brenda said...

A couple of thoughts -- Go Garret. It's the little things. He will baby step himself into greatness. Brenda is pushing the teenage thing a little too fast for my comfort. But it's so much better to see her with her "girl pop" than when music made her shriek. She beats out everyone for being fun to watch as she does life her own way. And Suzie.. AKA Suzi .. I think there's a W in her question where it doesn't belong; however, my sensitivities want it to remain where it is. Here again, something must be done about her growing up so fast. Work on that please. And you were taught the art of enabling from me. Embrace it. P.S. I have cookie dough at my house(!), but no Star Wars. (Sorry, Mike.) ;D

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