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Thursday, December 15, 2011


Lots o'stuff going on here.  Fun stuff!  Just finished up one big project, on to another...  But while you're here, how about a caption idea for Brenda's latest lego "gathering"?

Sorry 'bout the picture quality.  It was late and I was too lazy to even grab my good lens...

Here's a couple ideas:

"Alright!  Before we go does anybody have to go to the bathroom?"

"MOMMM!  He keeps touching me!!"   "No I'm not!!"

Or if you can't think of a quote, how about a simple explanation like:

The last person touching the boat, keeps it!  What a deal!!!

...Or perhaps all that's needed is the theme music to Titanic?


Kathy said...

Ha ha, your ideas are much funnier than anything I'd come up with. I love seeing her Lego creations. So much fun.

GoofyJ said...

Love this! I gave you an award on my blog :-D

Radke said...

She is so creative! Like mother like daughter:)

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