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Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's gotta be about kids or running, right?

I was snooping through "little" brother Kendall's facebook photos, (in search of a photo of him to put with a blog post including a song arranged by him and brother-in-law, Phil, that is so stupidly AWESOME.  But I couldn't get the music uploaded because the computer hates me.  But seriously, Kendall and Phil are destined to perform together 'cause HOLY FRANCINE, it's good.  Maybe I'll figure out this computer and you will all be blessed.)  (Was that a long side note?)  (Sometimes I ramble.)  (Does that make me cute, or annoying?)  (I say parentheses make rambling acceptable.)  (Shall we take a poll?)  (breathe) and found this gem of a picture-

me, Dad, Kendall
Running in the rain makes you a hard-core athlete.  ...That, or you live in Oregon.

Now, before you make fun of my shortness, just know that my big nose makes for better punchlines...  

My last run was slow.  At a particularly low point what got me going again was Hall & Oates "You Make My Dream Come True".  But my goal is to do a 10k in under 50 minutes by the end of Summer.  (the season, not the school-break)  So now that I've made that public, I'll work harder to make you all proud!


Becca Jane said...

Hahahaha!! His face is CLASSIC! Too funny!

I want to hear the song. I still have his CD in the van of his other music.

Oyama Family said...

I want to hear it too. I agree he is one talented musician!!

DebZ said...

I've heard about the song, and Philll sang HIS part for me, but I would love to hear the two singing it together.

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