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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The kids, as of today-

Garret has learned to pump his legs while swinging.   If he had words I bet he would say, 



This morning I was brushing my teeth.  Brenda walks in and I invite her to brush hers.  She sits, accepts her brush and begins.  10 seconds later she sets her brush on the counter, raises her hands in the air and exclaims,

"And the little girl wins!!!"

I didn't know it was a competition.  Next time I'll be ready...


Today I was relaxing on the couch.  Suzie sat up next to me, cradled my head while patting my hair and said, "Sleep, Mommy, sleep." 

....Then she sat on my face with an icky diaper.


Brenda said...

I REFUSE to type lol. Oops, I just did. Well, it fits!

Becca Jane said...

Oh man, diapers on your face....happens to me too!

nuttbutts said...

kids are awsome!

Radke said...

That made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that great image. You gotta love kids, so funny:)

Val said...

One day she'll be out of diapers and you'll miss it...ok, not really.

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