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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hey! My scanner is working!!

Today Garret spent a good portion of church hiding behind a piano. I think he liked the solitude. Not a bad idea. A pillow. A book. You got yourself some nice 'me-time'...

My only worry when having Garret was that if he ended up a red-head he would be called Garret-the-carrot. That's it. Well, he's got just a tiny touch of red. Not nearly enough to justify a carrot connection. PHEW!! Dodged that one.

Now I sometimes worry about his future quality of life.
His physical needs,
Our ability to care for him,
community acceptance,Then I take a look at the Gare-bear. He's not stressing. He's happy. So I shrug and join him on the trampoline. Might as well enjoy the journey, eh?

Here's the prince lovin' up his new sister, Brenda. Before she became mobile and 'grabby' Garret couldn't get enough of her. He would push me out of the room just to return to Brenda and sit with a hand, an arm, or a chin on her head.
With Suzie he was hesitant as if thinking, "Oh great. You're going to turn into another space-invading, loud-mouth slimy GIRL, aren't you?"
So only the All-Mighty knows Garret's future. We'll just 'stay tuned' and keep shrugging.

And while the scanner is working: This old shot of Mike needs a caption... ...any ideas?


Becca Jane said...

Thank you for your example to me of enjoying our children for who they are. I really admire you and your gorgeous babies. I keep saying this, but I'm so happy I get to spend a few days with you! We might be coming back in August...if so, we'll for sure call you because Nate STILL talks about hanging out with Mike!

nuttbutts said...

i just love garret love love love love the kid. i know its kind of wierd but i just want to hug him all the time. not that he will let me. i loved being his teacher and wandering the halls with him. i know i have said this before but i always look at garret and think he and elliott are twins.

Ellen said...

"What do you mean remote controls haven't been invented yet?"

Brenda looks a bit worried in the second picture...

Christy Jones said...

Here I am ready and waiting, I even put on my favorite diaper!

Totally fun to have such great pictures of your kids. I love that Garret is so unique, I think its normal for all moms to worry and I am glad you are just taking it a day at a time!

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