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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

tuppence (thanks for the title Tyler)

How am I feeling?  GREAT.  Today my hobbly-walk is mostly gone and my sore left foot is almost ignore-able.  You know what that means...  Tomorrow I go running!!!

Is it silly that I'm already thinking about my next marathon?

Mike just laughed as he quoted my first comments, moments after my finish.  (I said some pretty harsh things about running, marathons, life...)  But I reminded him that it only took me about 10 minutes of rest to say something positive.  Give me a break!  I had to run in the HEAT!  I don't do that!!

So the rest of this year will be dedicated to shorter runs.  I'm hoping to increase my OK speeds to WOW-WHAT-WAS-THAT speeds.  And next year I will conquer another 26.2...

Well, enough about running (for now).  Let's do a movie review-

Temple Grandin

It's the true story of a woman growing up with autism in the 50's, 60's.  (Back then doctors told mother's of autistic children that they didn't hold the child enough.  Can you imagine?  Yeah, they referred to them as "refrigerator moms".  Cold and disconnected.)  But the movie is captivating.  Clair Danes plays Temple and is excellent.

I cried and laughed.  I could see so much of my kids in her.   Even if you don't have any connection to autism I think you'll enjoy this movie.

Yes, YOU.


I have to tell you about a particular scene- when Temple needs a certain contraption that calms her and she can't get to it she becomes desperately frantic.  It was just like an odd phase that Brenda went through.  She has never liked having her teeth brushed and there was a while when after the struggle she would throw herself to the floor, face down, hands at her side and cry, "Water in the hair.  WATER IN THE HAIR!!!"  She would only calm down once we trickled a little water on her head.  Strange, huh?  It was fascinating to watch Temple have similar moments.

It's just really good.  I promise.  Watch it!


Becca Jane said...

I have heard good things about this movie from others as well, I'll have to track it down!

You should sign up to run the SLC marathon...then you can come see me!

Kathy said...

I agree, really great movie! I saw it on TV awhile ago and even my kids got drawn into it. Way to go on the running! I guess it's like childbirth? At the time you think you were crazy and feel like you will never do it again, but then it's just too worth it.

Sue O said...

I've been meaning to watch that one. thanks for reminding me.

Sue O said...

And just wondering what tuppence has to do with anything.

Anonymous said...

Sounds really good. Is it appropriate for kids? Because it is REALLY hard to explain to my kids why their cousin acts the way he does...he is moderately autistic, and they just don't understand. I would be particularly interested in having my 8 year old watch it, because she is the one that notices the most.

lindsay said...

I can't remember anything in the movie that a kid shouldn't see. (Some cows die...)

Sue- I was chatting with Tyler on FB while finishing up the post and asked him to title it. He's weird, huh?

Val said...

He must have been watching Mary Poppins. :)

Cristin said...

I loved that movie! I remember when Hyrum was really little he would freak out and the only way to calm him was to put him in a front wearing baby carrier and he would be completely calm in just moments. It's like he didn't have the ability to calm down without someone/thing physically calming him.

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