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Friday, September 14, 2012

what she said

If this post goes askew I blame Darwin Deez who is singing to me as I type. 

I have this "notepad" in my iphone that has been collecting memorable (or not 'cause I had to write them down) quotes from my girls.

Time to purge!


I was on the couch as Brenda and Suzie puttered about the living room.  Suzie announced that she is a frog and I giggled as she bounced around.  Brenda seemed agitated watching her little sister.  She paced a bit, slapped her head a couple times, then suddenly came next to me, cupped my ear with her hand and whispered, "Mom.  Suzie is not a frog!"  


One evening Brenda was at the table fiddling with something when I suddenly heard her start to cry.  I asked what was wrong and she looked at me with big, sad, red eyes and said, "I don't like being different!".  With my heart about to burst I asked her why being different was sad.  She said with a few sobs, "I don't want to be different, I don't like it!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing!  I had never heard such a lucid, self-aware statement from my daughter, which was exciting but at the same time I wanted to sob with her.

This went on for a couple minutes as I struggled for the perfect mommy-words.  But the desperate tension broke when Brenda added- "If only I had real legs!"

OH.  ...She was reenacting Dora, the mermaid story.

Well done Brenda!  Well done.


I've got a quote from Suzie but it's about female anatomy so we'll pretend I wrote it out and we're all laughing.  ...And she's been asking what color everybody's poop is.  

Now speaking of Darwin Deez-


Sue O said...

Lindsay, you sure know how to tell a story! You should submit the mermaid one to...somewhere. I just know it would win a prize.

Brenda said...

Different just means ... better.

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