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Thursday, February 7, 2013

suck it up Lindsay

Well, it is definitely time to drag my way out of the winter slump and get back in shape.  Over the past few months my running music has been played more in the car, and my running clothes have been stuffed in a drawer when usually they're stuffed in the dirty-clothes hamper.

running music is the BEST car music

About a week ago I promised Monica that I would exercise at least 20 minutes everyday except Sunday.  20 minutes is the perfect time frame since some days it's all I have in me, and on other days I'm thinking 'Hey, if I'm gonna workout, I might as well go on a nice long run!'. 

And Solana got me on this idea of doing pushups and squats every day.  The squats have been super since I can watch tv and my legs still have some muscle.  The pushups are another story.  I'm stubborn about doing real-like-the-boys pushups (knees off floor) and after a dozen or so I'm having to pretend my children's lives depend on me getting back up. 

...Sometimes my children don't survive.

So this past week has been an eye-opener with aching muscles and pathetic yoga attempts.  Oh, but my laundry is piling up!  I'm trying to get past the this-was-SO-much-easier-6-months-ago mindset and focus on the this-will-be-SO-much-easier-in-6-months thoughts.  And it's not like I haven't done any sort of exercise lately.  The problem is that when your attitude is 'MEH', your workouts are:


I am getting excited tho.  I AM FIGHTING MY WAY OUT OF THIS SLUMP!  New songs and a new jacket.  Garret will be happy to climb back into his jogging stroller.  (I need just a bit more arm strength...)  And plans plans PLANS! 

Meanwhile, Brenda has been helping me relax by insisting on cuddle time before sleep.  Her bed is actually really comfy.  ...and hard to get out of.  Really, I grunt and groan and wonder if yoga will help me or ruin me...


Sue O said...

I am constantly fighting back from the brink of slothfulness. You would think that at some point I would win or just give up, but no, I just keep battling on.

Becca Jane said...

You can do a dozen boy push-ups? You're awesome! I can do maybe 2. I've been doing a ton of weights, but I hate push-ups, so I don't do them.

Sara Walker said...

i love the guy on the treadmill! ha!

Val said...

Hey - if you can still FIT into those running clothes, who cares!!
I can't even do 1 boy push you are better than me!

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