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Saturday, March 1, 2014

evil-eyed chickens

So here's where we're at-


At about 3:30 am a few nights ago I was laying in bed listening to Garret wail and thrash in his room for, I think, the 5th night in a row.  As Mike went in to attempt to calm him (which rarely ever helps, but there are few options) I got on google and starting reading for the umpteenth time on diets and autism fits and medications and physical therapy and sensory therapy and whatever therapy and thisorthat therapy and Ineedsleep forums and HEAVENHELPUSTHEREMUSTBEANANSWER forums.

After a few minutes I came back to a thought I'd been having off and on over the past several months about an organic aka REAL FOOD diet.  My sis-in-law Lora (who has been divinely helpful) has had stupendous results with her family and their many health issues (aches, sickness, hyper activity, etc) and when sharing with me I'd think how much I admire her determination and hard work with it, but it would just be too much for me.  I mean, we've tried the gluten-casein free diet for Garret and for over a year the headache and expense was not worth the teensy tiny bit of improvement we saw in his sleep.  So the thought of putting the entire family through a entire food overhaul was just, well, NO THANK YOU. 

But after nearly a week of terrible sleep my wall was down and I was open to anything.

I stumbled onto this video-

-and while I can't swear by all the information, it was enough to convince me that it was worth a try.

So I've added some helpful websites to my sidebar (if you're curious, or have more suggestions!).  My pantry has been cleaned out and refilled.  I'm learning how to read and scrutinize labels.  The checking account is empty, and I've already made some yummy cookies.  I will welcome ANY advice on the subject.  ...or donations.  haha  -'cause after all- say the next line in a dramatic manner-


P.S.  Don't let me cave and get chickens.  I just don't trust those rascals.


Margie Southwick said...

You're a wonderful mother Lindsay! Special diets are hard at first, but I think it's easier to do the whole family than just one person with any diet. And it WILL get easier! And hopefully REALLY QUICKLY!!! Here's hoping the results will be life changing!!!

Christy Jones said...

Been there, done that! I honestly have not seen HUGE changes in my kids since switching to organic whole foods. Alton has just as many melt downs. I do feel that it helped his allergies though, he used to be allergic to eggs but now seems to tolerate them when cooked. Its tough! For me because we were already on a special diet it was a bit easier to change. I did TONS of research and I was able to keep my food budget the same if not cheaper than before. The key is to plan ahead, make menus and plan some more, buy in bulk and Only buy what is on your grocery list and buy it in season. When spring comes stock up!! Can and freeze as much as have time for. Its tough but worth it for the cost savings. Its still a process for me. We fail often! I have given up on "cure" because I believe he was born that way and he just thinks differently but if I can make his life just a little bit easier I will. Hope this helps.

-Josh said...

I know you wrote this ages ago, but I was just going through your backlog of posts. A really good book about eating wholesome is In defense of food by Michael Pollan. If you're not feeling like reading a long book about food you can get "Food Rules" by the same author.

In other news, you're hilarious. Thanks for writing!

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