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Sunday, May 15, 2011

singing and running and dancing

Would you like to know what I've been up to the past few days?  Hmmm?  

It's not that interesting.  But I'll finish it all with a bang.

So Friday, Mom and I tackled our last long run before the big day.  Thursday I was careful to rest my muscles, not eat too much, and get to sleep at a decent hour.  Good girl, Lindsay.  Good girl.  I have found through experience that I can run strong on very little sleep.  I can run fast through the rain.  And I can even set personal records during certain times of the month...

But I can't run in the heat.  

The sun won on Friday.  It squeezed every bit of energy out of me and left me with a glowing red scar-

If the hot sun shows up at the beach on June 4th, I'm gonna be crying for 26.2 miserable miles.  I'd rather it rained!  (It's Oregon, so I'm pretty hopeful...)

Brenda has been pointing to my neck and asking, "Wah-is dat?"  I say sunburn and then she laughs.  No sympathy.

We finished 19 of the 20 miles we had planned on.  And those 19 were drug out with many walking breaks in the scattered shady spots along the trail.  

I've had moments where I've wondered Why am I doing this?.   But more often I'm reveling in the realization that I can do this!  I CAN!!  (Unless it's too warm apparently.)

So anyway, in the next few weeks I'll be facing a more mental battle than physical.  Lots of pep talks for Lindsay...

Now, moving on.

Friday night a few girlfriends and I got together for an evening of old classic musicals.  Of course it took us hours of jabbering to even get to the first movie, which was the ever fabulous Music Man.  Darn me drifted off a couple times.  (Did I mention that after the 19-mile "run" a friend and I went on a 6-mile power walk?  That's 25 miles on foot in one day!)  I was pooped.  But not too pooped to sing along with the best parts...

"Good night, my sweetheart.  Good night, my love...."


"Madame Libraaaaaaaaaaarian!"

I sounded awesome.  (Or as mayor's wife, Eulalie Shinn, puts it, "Lovely ladies, lovely...")

...And I ate all the popcorn.

Wasn't I a good partymate?

Well, there's more to tell.  Like about the scout auction, another movie, a crazy nightmare...  But this post is taking too long so I'm just going to end with the promised "bang".


trickle, trickle, trickle...


Christy Jones said...

fun post! I had the hot heat when I am running too, I do better in the cold, It think its because I am cold that I run more! Nice burn though, I hope you don't peel!

Brenda said...

I think we're safe about cool temps in Newport. That's why we're doing THAT marathon, and not Sauvie Isl. Friday was discouraging, but with my pattern of alternating good and bad on our long runs, the next (& most important) one should be GOOD.

(Oh, and btw, it's Madam Librarian. But after 25 miles, you're excused.)

Val said...

What if you ran with a sombrero?...

nuttbutts said...

ohhh...i LOVE the sombrero idea! that would be awsome :)

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