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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where were you when Oprah said good bye?

 I know that tomorrow is her last show, but I had time to sit down today and catch the farewell- part 2 episode.   And I'm offended I wasn't invited as a special guest.  Did she forget the success of my visit??  (see here)

I have to admit, I was caught up in the glorious array of tributes to Miss Winfrey.  She and I may not agree completely on politics, religion, and what makes a good book, but GOOD GOLLY that woman has done some great things over the years.  I teared up as all those GOBS of candle-carrying college students walked in to thank her for her part in their education.  Wow.   And the clips of those African school girls?  Oh my. 

I say, "Good for you Oprah!  You deserve this!"
and, "Thanks for helping me find the right bra size!!". 

Even though I wasn't a very frequent viewer, I think I'm going to miss her...

And now for the important part of this post-

While I watched (and for some reason, had my camera) Suzie provided the real star of the hour...



Brenda said...

I too was amazed at the tribute paid to OW. She has done a LOT of good and I will miss her show. Many of you probably don't remember life, pre-Oprah.

Radke said...

I know I certainly don't remember life pre-Oprah. I think she has been on longer than I have been alive. She is an amazing woman and though I didn't watch her show a lot, when I did I always walked away feeling uplifted and happy. Such an amazing woman!
Love that red birdie:)

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