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Saturday, February 11, 2012

"I know this much is true"

...Is the title of the last book I ever read from the Oprah book club recommendations.  I think I made it 2 chapters before the language had me cringing so bad- my face muscles were pleading for relief.  But I remember the episode where Oprah couldn't get the name right with the author quietly sitting next to her.  She praised the book "I know this much to be true" over and over while holding the book "I know this much is true".  It was drove me crazy but I still love you Oprah.  Miss you.  How's your school in Africa going?

Anyway, I've always struggled to say things with conviction.  Someone asks me the name of my kid's teacher and I say, "Jill.  Yeah, Jill.  Yeeeaaaaah, it's Jill?  ...Maybe Doreen.  ...Aw heck, I don't know anything..."  (Later find out it's something like Tod.)  Ask me what kind of car I drive and I start to sweat.  It's beige.  A beige minivan.  ..Toyota.  Yeah.  (And as sure as I am about that, in the back of my mind I'm thinking holy francine I hope that's right.)  I've embarrassed myself enough that I just can't trust the stuff coming out of my head.  I'm not stupid.  I just know I'm scattered and forgetful.  I'm simply self-aware.

How about I get to the point? 

Here I am, an adult, who is given adult responsibilities.  Even leadership responsibilities.  And while I'd rather be a side show I'm up there, needing to be sure of myself.  It doesn't go too well when I'm faced with information having to do with people's names, activities, schedules, budgets, recipes, what somebody said 5 minutes ago about something important, or who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong...  BUT, some things I can proclaim with confidence.

SO, ...I know this much is true-

There is a God who is our Father in Heaven.
We can speak to him directly through prayer.
Our prayers are heard and answered in ways we don't always expect.
We are loved.
We are blessed.
We have potential beyond our understanding.
Jesus Christ suffered and died so that we can be forgiven and perfected.
Our trials are gifts that feed our potential if we simply see them that way.


No sweat.


Christy Jones said...

Great post! I too can't remember 5 minutes ago!!! Its so frustrating sometimes but I believe the saying that "whomever God calls he qualifies!"

Becca Jane said...

Love this!

I think about this a lot...that I don't know much as far as worldly knowledge. But I know the things that matter most! And those are the things I cling to every single day.

Radke said...

I hear ya and I agree:)

nuttbutts said...

Awww Lindsay! I feel the same way. I dont know why you do. Your great! And I know that the YW think you are the most awesome leader ever. You have to be since your still in there!

A and L said...

you are an awesome lady. I forgot how old I was last week. Maybe it is a lindsey/lindsay know passed down from the original lindsay....haha

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