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Friday, February 10, 2012

see Mike run

Mike has braved the country roads and began running.  Being in his upper 30s, loving cheesecake, and hating any exercise other than paintball wars has added up and suddenly he has found himself wanting to recapture his former athletic self.

Me, being an adorable wife, had to take pictures.

Here he is stretching in nervousness...

 Is it just me or is that just too cute?  er, uh, I mean macho.

And while I'm unloading pics from my phone I might as well add pictures from the walk Suzie and I took the other day.

Here is Kitty Cat (that's her name) watching us throw pebbles in the puddle-

What the...

 Here are the birds that flew over us with a grand show.



P.S. His name is Mike and he approves this message.

P.P.S.  Good luck on the next run, hon!  It gets easier, I promise.


Brenda said...

YAY!!!! I'm excited that Mike's running!! So cool. Is Phil still local? They should be out there together. (Ooops. There goes your sitter.) ..... No, that just means you run together during school hours and Suzie gets a stroller ride. :-D

Radke said...

Where's the like button?!!? Love this post! Good luck Mike, I hear running is amazing. I myself never made it past the "I can't breath and I've only ran for two minutes" stage.

Val said...

That is freaking awesome!!!

DeAnn said...

Thanks for making me laugh! Hope he finds success!

Heather said...

Yet another reason why I LOVE Lindsay!

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