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Friday, June 22, 2012

just rolling with it...

Well, turns out the last post was a segue to this one!

Brenda's current obsession has something to do with Rapunzel, I think.  

Her last obsession (birthdays) was fun as searching for things like remotes, batteries, phones became a game of patience since things were eventually returned wrapped in foil, clothing or toilet paper...

But here we are today with a salon on the back patio-

 Chewing on paper gives her that wildly-eccentric quality that we love in our stylists, right?

Brenda might need to get a patent for her cutting-edge fabreze/hand sanitizer hair treatment.  ...She won't say much about it except, "hold still".  

Who dares me to hand her a pair of scissors?



nuttbutts said...

fabulous! love it! (think of me saying this in the voice of Frank from Father of the Bride :)

Christy Jones said...

Love the fabreeze!! At least she chews paper, mine chews shirts. I am still totally diggin her hair.

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