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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Well, I turned on the captcha.  Have fun proving you're not a robot!  Enjoy the blurry word and blotchy number!  ...Or don't comment.  No wait.  How about some written letters?  Some old fashion correspondence??  hm? 

I CHALLENGE YOU TO WRITE AND SEND ME A LETTER WITH A BLOG-POST COMMENT.  'Cause that not nearly as troublesome as the captcha.  Is it?

...If you don't know my address write it anyway and someday ..someday...

As a kid, if I ever expressed a desire to receive mail, my mom would say, "If you want a letter, send a letter."  I would just sit back and hope that somebody out there had a mother telling them the same thing and they decided to heed that wise advice.  ...And was, of course, going to write to me.

I was waiting for that letter.

Speaking of baggage I never did get a cabbage patch doll.


OK now,  I've got pictures from Christmas that I never posted/journaled.  I glanced through them and thought eventually, I'll post these...  And while sifting I glanced at this sad iphone picture of my 3 handsome brothers.  

They're not sad.  The picture quality is.  I think Colton just beat someone at Scramble.  Was it me?  I think not.  Tyler is being a gracious ...loser?  Was he the beaten opponent?  Kendall is eating ice-cream a few of us had just picked up after stopping at Taco Bell.   

Whoops.  The TBell trip was a secret... 

But the reason I'm just posting this one is WHAT THE HECK IS THAT WHITE BLOB IN THE MIRROR????  I don't think my parents have a giant lamp with sticks and leaves...

If you squint it looks like a ghost/monster eating salad.  You know, like this:

It's vegetarian, which makes it more charming than scary.  (Hey Tyler- "I don't like meat, I just like to call meat late at night and hang up...")

Did you hear that New York is banning large sugary carbonated drinks?  (just heard that on the news)  Oh, and there is talk of making cigarettes a prescription-only thing?  (also heard in the news while at the dentist's office today)  ...Meanwhile, pot is fine.


I miss my brothers.

I lived with them for nearly 2 decades but was busy pining over cabbage patch dolls.


Tyler said...

Ok wait, I really do want to know what the huge white thing is in the picture...

Brenda said...

It's the ghost of Brak, eating a salad. (Duh.)

I also miss those guys .... and you too ..... and a lot of great years.

Kendall Brady said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kara said...

I never had one of my Mom's mantras was...I can't remember exactly, but the way we pass it on to our kids goes like this, " it is ok to want things and not get them."

And yes, I was thinking about you a lot last week, but we didn't send anyone letters though we meant to. I wanted to bring you and Mike where we were and do tag team...but I know you have the ocean and beauty and camping opportunities and so much great family support where you are it is always like a vacation right?

Anyway, I just wanted to take a second to tell you I love you and am glad you write...if I had to put a stamp on it and put it in the mail it might arrive. In six months

Radke said...

You make me smile:)

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