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Friday, January 18, 2013

This will NOT become a cooking blog for obvious reasons

Mike and I both made cookies today.  It wasn't planned.  I mean, I didn't wake up this morning thinking this was a cookie extravaganza day.  I actually woke up thinking MY ALARM IS JOHN MALKOVICH.  You get it right?  'Cause that guy is ALARMING.  whoa. 

Yeah this is good blogging.

I made cookies first.  I had been tracking my calories and around 4 pm I deserved a reward.  Cracked wheat for breakfast, veggies for a snack,  ...COOKIES!

Yes, this is good dieting.

I propped up the ipad on the counter to enjoy 'Doc Martin' whilst baking.  They kissed!  Doc and Louisa KISSED!  Oh, but then of course, he ruined the moment.  AND I decided to go with chewy chocolate instead of traditional choco chip.  ...Probably due to nature's monthly cycles. 

This is getting intense.

The cookies ended up just mediocre.  (The only saving quality was the bit of almond flavoring I snuck in to feel rebellious.  ...Is snuck not a word?  I'm getting the squiggly line.  sssnuck.  There it is!)  Sometimes these cookies are amazing, sometimes not.  I refuse to believe that it is due to my refusal to measure everything.  You know how annoying it is to scrape shortening out of the tablespoon scoop?  Eyeball it people.  Dry ingredients end up mostly on the floor and that's OK.  I don't let that make me sad 'cause I'm making COOKIES!

When Mike came in (probably to make sure I didn't make the mistake AGAIN of broiling the dough instead of baking it.  ...I'm a good cook .) he commented that baking cookies in our little toaster oven is so tedious.  I said yup! with my mouth full of warm cookie.  He said 'Hey! I'll be at my dad's tonight, how about I make up some dough and take it over there to bake on BIG cookie sheets and then we'll have cookies all weekend and more to take to church since we promised the kids in our classes that we teach that we'd have cookies on Sunday!'.  I said gluYUPmph! (mouth still full).

Did you not know that our oven is broken?   

The 3 people reading this already know.  ...They've been in my kitchen.  They have even perhaps had my cookies.

Well, the 4 of us are getting bored...


Suzie likes the cookies and wizard-princess-fairies never lie.

Oh, and I lied about John Malkovich being my first thought this morning.  I do find him alarming though.  Alarmingly AWESOME!

Also, I should have those little "rate this post" options at the bottom of each post.  Yeah?  Except instead of having boxes like 'funny' 'useful' or 'inspiring' they would be options like 'waste-of-time' 'go-to-bed-Lindsay' or 'impeach-Obama'.

Lots of great ideas on cookie day!


Val said...

That is dedication to cook them in a toaster oven. You realize after this post you'll probably have cookies start pouring into your house...

A and L said...

agreed, agreed, agreed. John Malkovich is alarming, Doc Martin is awesome, and wizard-princess-fairies give incredibly reliable cookie reviews.

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