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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

keeping up with Garret

One of the things I don't like about the beach is the afterwards.  ...Grit in special places is troubling and inevitable.  But Garret, the texture-obsessor, doesn't seem to mind.

staying safe with grandpa

That kid could have dirt in the eye, water in the ear, sand in the underworld and even blood on the toes and he caaaaan't stop, and he woooon't stop.


...IT'S LIKE THOSE MONKEYS THAT ARE SO UGLY, YOU JUST CAN'T LOOK AWAY.  ........Wait.  Miley isn't ugly.  Her music tends to be.  ...and I mean that with the utmost respect...


But it's the textures!  Garret lives for textures like we live for youtube cat videos. 

I like the videos where the cats jump and miss their target, resulting in a dive...


But yeah, Garret loves the beach.  The great outdoors with sand AND water?  In the SAME PLACE???  It's stimuli heaven.  I'd like to be able to let Garret run untethered at the beach.  No being watched, chased, held down, held back, ...held.  ...all while blasting Queen's "Break Free" of course.  I think that might be Garret's reward in the next life.

A Queen concert on a personal beach.  Yup.

This post is going strange places.

In closing, I'd like to brag about my beautiful son and our close proximity to the ocean.  But no worries.  Garret likes people so you're all invited to his beach party in heaven.  

Fingers crossed I make it there with him.  I did just reference AND insult the lovely Ms Cyrus in the same post...


Sue O said...

Your love for Garrett shines in this post. I know most days aren't like this and your days and nights are probably often quite difficult. The eternal perspective is a great one.
And if you did away with word verification, you would get more comments on here, instead of on facebook! It's pretty easy to monitor spam if you set it up that any comments on old posts have to be approved by email. Trust me on this one!

Sue O said...

And shame on you for the Miley thing. In ten years you will read this and say "WHY????" :-)

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