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Friday, December 19, 2014


The truth is that parents DO have a favorite child.  Yes they do.  And how it works is that the favorite child changes throughout the day.  Last night, from 7 pm to 8 pm, my favorite child HANDS DOWN was Brenda.  Garret came in second by sitting so still and quietly for that hour, only to start having a fit the moment the hour was up.  Perfect timing Garret!  You get second place.  Suzie, by default, was third.  Not that she was bad, but I can blame some blurry pictures on her insistence of sitting on my lap.  (She made up for it later with some adorable made-up jokes about elephants in her nose...)

7 pm was the grade school Christmas program.  (Well, it was called the Winter program but we be all about Christmas on this blog.)  Weeks ago, my daughter threw in her hat for the part of the train conductor in The Polar Express (aka Tom Hanks, in the movie) and was voted in by her peers. 


Her handful of lines were delivered confidently, completely memorized and with the passion of a Brenda.   Which, as everyone knows, should be a thing.  ...the passion of a Brenda.  Like, when someone accepts an Oscar award, or sings the national anthem, or keys an ex's car ...with the passion of a Brenda.

I could have jumped from my seat and shouted SHE'S MINE! but I decided to save that arrogance for the blog.  Plus, it would have been a shame to detract from her climactic moment of exclaiming-


And after all that, I got to hold her hand and walk her out of the building.  It felt like being escorted by Elvis.  ...I imagine. 

'Cause my favorite Brenda is a STAR.


Brenda said...

Oh, to have been there!! Dare I hope that a video exists? (And I ask that with the passion of a Brenda!)

Jenna Meeks said...

Seriously! If there is a video, you can post big videos on here if you do it by uploading to youtube. That's how I got a video on a blogspot blog. But then of course you have to be cool with it being on youtube. NICE JOB BRENDA!!! I LOVE the costume too! And I hear you, that should be a thing "with the passion of a Brenda"

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