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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

looking forward to a mature and sophisticated 2015

There's this awkwardness when I haven't blogged in a while.

A loss for words.


But let's shake that off and get going, shall we?


Happy New Year!

Another January 1st passed and I still don't like a glossy, kitten-covered calendar telling me to make resolutions.  I'll set goals when the moment calls for it mkay?  But no hard feelings Calendar.  Let's still be friends so I don't get up early on no-school days.  That's the WORST.




Wanna know what we got to do?  (besides take grammar lessons...)

 Beach trip with friends! 

And after about 28 hours playing games, eating junk, frolicking on the sand, riding carts thru Goodwill and experimenting with camera panoramas, they STILL want to hang out with us!

Ya gotta hold on to folks that are ok with your weirdness.

Ya gotta hooooooooooold on!  (Alabama Shakes song.  -which after hearing it performed on SNL I scampered to iTunes and with a flick of my finger IT WAS MINE.  ...Then the cruel reality of tv rules came crashing down with a couple F bombs.  FFFFFFLIP FLAP FLEABAG! came off with a sad ffffflick of my finger.)


Wanna know what else?

The Suz is 6!

Six years old and I still haven't mastered control.  She should be old enough to know that I am queen.  After all, she understands the royalty of princesses.  Queens are just a step up.  It's elementary my dear princess.  She is a quirk with a bubble tush who enjoys manipulating Brenda into a frenzy and turning on the sugar when she wants chocolate milk.  As far as I can tell she is loving kindergarten but alas, she doesn't like to share much.  It's her world and her princess nose sticks up when I ask.  -Like school is her own special thing and she'll let me know about it as she sees fit.  But hey, she's reading, doing math and occasionally talking like a valley girl so business as usual, right?  I have found that if I pretend to think ridiculous things go on at school (shark-riding, pants-eating, butterfly-kissing) she'll pity me and give me the real skinny on school.

...I'm awesome.

Speaking of me, I got myself an early bday present.

A hair straightener.

And while you're composing yourself, check this out-

I'm not vain like the rest of the selfie-ers out there and I show it by doing a non-duck face, but still a silly face that makes it seem like I don't care when really I'm thinking, 'hey, I look good- look at me look at me!' but you wouldn't know that by my face, right?  THIS is the face of a cool chick who doesn't care ...but really does and wants compliments.  But not really.  I'm too mature, as this picture clearly shows...


It's late and Darcy got me hooked on the show Blacklist.  I'll have to squeeze in an episode before responsibly going to bed at 1:30 am.  Being the excellent friend that I am, I should send her frantic, plot-twist texts just to keep her up with me. 

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Brenda said...

I hardly know where to begin. You have a kitten calendar? I would have never guessed. I want to be in a jumping picture someday, as if I could successfully fling myself off the ground. Brenda claims she has never ridden elephants at school. Go to bed earlier, says your mother. You must write a book.

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