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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

haha ...blueteeth

I don't understand Google "circles".  I "joined" Google Plus and then left it like I leave plants in the yard.  Alright you weird dimension of which I do not understand're on your own!  Well, obviously I've done something with it since I have 21 followers and over 280 THOUSAND views.  What is that?  What does it MEAN?  ...Am I famous?  Is 280 thousand a piddly number in the Google "circles"?  What is a view?  Is this a Plus view?  Are you viewing me???

What is Tumblr?  I don't get Twitter.  I blame Obama for all the Linked-in emails.  Pinterest is the bomb, but vine scared the bajeezas out of me. 

Don't let your kids vine.  Just don't.

And while I'm admitting how unhip I am, why hashtags???  I am yet to get a satisfying answer.   

Unless it's Jimmy Fallon we're discussing and he's sharing hashtag stories.  Yes, I get those hashtags and I enjoy them very much.

Is 36 too young to say in my day?  Because in my day we had sparrows carrying our correspondence.  ...Or was it swallows?

Today you've got 87,000 ways to tell the world what you had for lunch.

I can't keep up.

This is not meant to be an inspiring post that says put your phone down and connect with your children.  (In fact, I disagree with the harsh comments about parents sitting on their phones while their kids play on the playground.  In my day, my mom took us kids to the park so she could visit with her friends.  We played without a hovering parent and she got some social time.  WIN WIN. ...I'm typing this post out because I've got a sweet pic of my kids on our walk today.

I used instagram to make the pic look charming, emailed the shot to my computer, photoshopped my crop, will be posting to blogger and then I'll make sure all my Facebook friends hear about it.

Yeah, I do stuff.

So here's the pic.

The day was gorgeous and the river was begging for some rocks.

Was it worth all that rambling?


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